Global Goalscast: Podcast Partnership

One Young World (OYW) is proud to partner with Global GoalsCast, a podcast that inspires and empowers listeners to make the world a better place by sharing the stories individuals, companies, and organisations that are advancing and achieving a more sustainable world.

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About the podcast

In 2015, 193 world leaders signed a global agenda with 17 goals to achieve a more prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world by the year 2030. These goals cover a broad range of issues, such as poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water, sanitation, energy, environment and social justice.

The podcast makes these goals easier to understand, more relatable, and feel more attainable for every listener. Each episode offers inspirational stories, high quality data, and numerous ways in which they can take action and personally contribute to the global efforts of making the goals’ achievement possible.

Our partnership

Global GoalsCast sources stories from leaders across the world, many of whom are OYW Ambassador put forward by the OYW team, as well as OYW Counsellors who are driving forward action on the SDGs.

Check out episodes featuring OYW Ambassadors & Counsellors:

Noam Shuster: Comedy can do more than make us laugh 

Paul Polman & Valerie Keller: Imagine, if you can, industry leading the way to the SDGs

Victoria Alonsoperez: They Are The Code: Girls in Tech Build a New World

Tabata Amaral de Pontes & Kenny Imafidon: The Next Generations: We Can’t Save the World Without Them

Nicolle Fagan: Creativity for Good



The Hosts

Edie Lush

Edie, a British-American Journalist, is an Author, Executive Editor of Hub Culture, a Communication Trainer and MC. Edie has thousands of interviews under her belt. In her role as Executive Editor at Hub Culture, she is responsible for creating impactful social media content around the globe, from events in Davos to the UN General Assembly in New York to the COP Climate Summits. She has been the Economics and Political correspondent for Bloomberg Television, a columnist at The Week magazine and the Associate Editor of Spectator Business magazine. She is a regular contributor to the Spectator Magazine and the BBC. Her work has appeared in many publications including Prospect and Techonomy.

Claudia Romo Edelman

Claudia is the Founder of the We Are All Human Foundation. Prior to this, she was seconded to the Executive Office of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to lead communications and advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goals and Climate Change for the Special Adviser on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. She is also the former former Chief of Advocacy of UNICEF.

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