Global Network of First Spouses

First Ladies and Gentlemen have tremendous power to inspire young people and to become role models for the next generation. Founded by the First Lady of Colombia, the Global Network of First Spouses is a series of public-private partnerships to provide opportunities to young leaders to represent their countries at One Young World Summits. The Network also co-creates digital content with One Young World to encourage impact and educate people about the work of First Spouses.

First Lady of Colombia

María Juliana Ruiz, believes strongly in the value of partnerships to grow young talent. Her speech at One Young World 2019 focuses on this belief, and the ways in which this has positively impacted young talent from Colombia.

The First Lady formed a delegation of Colombia's brightest and most talented, and created the 'National Award for Young Talent' to promote young talent in every corner of the country. The delegation was formed in partnership with One Young World.

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First Lady of Namibia

The The First Lady of Namibia intends to amplify the voices of youth who are leading social, technological, cultural, and entrepreneurial initiatives in improving youth access to critical SRHR and SGBV services, education, and strengthening resilience. She believes Namibian youth have the potential to transform their country. 

The First Lady has launched in partnership with One Young World the #BeFree National Prize 2022, where Namibian young leaders have the opportunity to promote their initiatives and share them worldwide.

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first lady of namibia

First Lady of Paraguay

premio nacional joven mbarete

For 2022, One Young World has collaborated with the First Lady of Paraguay, Silvana Abdo, to launch the Young Mbarete National Pize. The prize has recognised young Paraguayan leaders between the ages of 18 and 30, who lead social, technological, cultural and entrepreneurial initiatives focused on women's empowerment, innovation, entrepreneurship, environmental initiatives and social volunteering.

The First Lady of Paraguay, in collaboration with the Secretariat for Youth of Paraguay, has sponsored five (5) young leaders from Paraguay to attend the One Young World Summit in Manchester, UK and become part of the One Young World global community.


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First Lady of Belize

How is Belize navigating Covid-19 and its effects? The First Lady of Belize, Kim Simplis Barrow, gives us insight into what the country has done to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and where the country is headed. ⁣



First Lady of Costa Rica

Last year, Costa Rica announced a plan to become the world's first decarbonised country. The First Lady of Costa Rica, Claudia Dobles Camargo discusses what it means to truly invest in a resilient economy and what young people can do - regardless of where they are- to be greener.

First Lady of Venezuela

First Lady of the interim government of Venezuela, Fabiana Rosales, in conversation with One Young World Ambassador Juan Carlos Viloria Doria about the great need to support each other as one humanity.

First Lady of Colombia

How has the First Lady of Colombia brought the public and private sectors together to leverage positive change? María Juliana Ruiz tells us about her work in Colombia and the focus she has put on young people.