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The Jang-Calderon Family Foundation was founded in 2020 with the mission to help underprivileged youth achieve their professional goals, and guide them to obtain successful professional careers. The JCFF also believes in racial equality and promotes inclusion, diversity, justice and equal opportunities for all.


Ilia Calderon
You young leaders have the ability to change the world. Speak up; don't stay silent. Be a voice for the voiceless.

Ilia Calderón


One Young World has teamed up with The Jang Calderón Family Foundation to support young, Black and Indigenous leaders who are leading innovative and impactful initiatives in Latin America. 

The Scholarship aims to create visibility around exceptional young Latin American leaders who are tackling current issues with one goal: build a better world. The scholars will have the opportunity to connect and learn about the experiences of a wide range of diverse young leaders from all over the world, as well as, promote their work and enhance their leadership. 

Meet the 2022 Ilia Calderón Scholars

Hellen Caroline Nzinga

Hellen is a Sustainability and Climate Change Consultant to bring black women into the climate change agenda. She coordinates technology and entrepreneurship projects with a focus on diversity. She has trained 3,000 people on a gender and racial perspective. In her community, she co-founded education and technology projects for Black children and women such as Pretas Hackers, in 2017. In 2018, she was selected among young people from all over the country to the largest leadership and entrepreneurship program in Brazil. As a result, she co-founded EcoCiclo, where she currently works.

EcoCiclo is the first biodegradable absorbent in Brazil that aims to employ women in vulnerable situations to produce the products and bring information on sustainability, health and employability. Sustainble Bussiness Management MBA Candidate

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Mactzil Ixtz'unun Camey Rodriguez


I am Mactzil Ixtz'unun Camey Rodriguez, a Kaqchikel Mayan woman from Guatemala. I am 22 years old and I am very proud of my Kaqchikel lineage, I live in Chimaltenango. I am currently a student of Political Science with a major in Political Analyst at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. I am a former student leader of the Association of University Students in the position of gender secretary and I am currently co-founder and member of the Tuxinem Collective.

I am also an activist for the defense of the human rights of Mayan women, indigenous peoples and youth, issues that I have been able to enrich with my participation in different workshops, diploma courses, as well as I have had the opportunity to be a panelist and invited to moderate forums and discussions on these topics. Finally I am an entrepreneur of a business of Mayan accessories and costumes called "K'ayij Tz'unun" referring to my name "colibrí vendedora". 

Meet the 2021 Ilia Calderón Scholars

Adilene Narciso


Adilene is a 26-year-old woman, proud mother, young and Mazatec indigenous from Oaxaca, Mexico who has a Law Degree from the Universidad Veracruzana which has helped her to raise her voice as a social activist since the age of 9 in her native community and Latin America.

She is currently a member of various youth advocacy initiatives in Mexico such as the Ateneo Nacional de la Juventud A.C., the Observatory of Juvenile Rights of Oaxaca in the Table of Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Communities and Girl Up Aguascalientes. She is also the Young Ambassador of Latin America for the Eradication of Child Labor. Finally, Adilene is the National President of the Council for Youth Policy Monitoring (CONSEPP) in Mexico of the Mexican Youth Institute (IMJUVE), being the first time that a woman, mother and indigenous person occupies this position.

Adilene Narciso
Helena Valencia

Helena Valencia


Helena is a young afro-descendant from the Department of Chocó. At 22 years old, she is passionate about public service, women's empowerment, community empowerment and territorial transformation.

She is co-founder and coordinator of the Innovations Girls programme of the Chocó School of Robotics, which seeks to empower women through robotics, science and technology with a component on leadership, entrepreneurship and female empowerment, promoting the closing of gender gaps in the Pacific region and the creation of solutions to the problems of the region. She has served as Mentors 4U Colombia's Meentes and operations ambassador; she is Co-Founder & CEO of the Quibdó Leadership Academy. Helena is a former Martin Luther King Fellow, SUSI Fellow (Study in U.S. Institute for Women's Leaders of African Descent and Indigenous Women at the University of Arizona), Fellow of the Origen Colombia Foundation, Fellow of the Mi Sangre Foundation and Dale Pacifico 2020 Leader. 

Meet the 2019 Ilia Calderón Scholar

Yineth Rentería


Yineth Paola Renteria Martinez, 24 years old, is a young Afro-Colombian from the Department of Chocó. She is currently responsible for the leadership, mentoring and volunteering programmes of the ICETEX Community, and is also co-founder and director of operations of the Mentors4U Colombia Foundation.

From her role in the public sector and as a social entrepreneur, this young leader works to generate opportunities that strengthen the educational experience of young people during their academic career, and to make diverse talent visible through professional development programmes.

Yineth Rentería