Lead2030 Challenge Winner: Godefroy Harito

The Challenge: Investing for Life on Land
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Credit Suisse


$44tr of economic value generation, over half the world’s total GDP is moderately or highly dependent on nature and its services. Despite the criticality of our ecosystems, Life on Land is one of the least invested SDGs from a private capital perspective. Credit Suisse’s report “Unearthing investor action on biodiversity” found that whilst 84% of investor participants were very concerned about biodiversity loss, 74% had not assessed the impact of their investments on biodiversity.

Credit Suisse is proud to support the Lead 2030 Challenge for SDG 15. The Challenge was launched to surface and support impactful enterprises that look to further narrow the gap in achieving SDG 15. The Challenge welcomed entrepreneurs with for-profit enterprises that help improve Life on Land, in any form, to submit their business plan for consideration.

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Treeapp is a global tree planting organisation. The Treeapp mobile app enables anyone to plant a tree for free, everyday, in less than a minute. Treeapp offers the possibility for consumers in the UK and Ireland to plant trees all over the world, empowering all to make a change that benefits the planet on a daily basis. Via the app, users can watch an advert featuring one of Treeapp’s 300+ sustainable brand partners, who fund the user’s tree to be planted everyday, and then sell the advertised products directly on Treeapp's sustainable Marketplace.

Treeapp also work with businesses to offset their carbon footprint and plant trees across the world, from South America to the islands of Indonesia.

To date Treeapp has planted 1 million+ trees in less than 2 years of launch, and expect to soon reach 100,000 Treeapp users. They're a certified B Corp - proving their business has a strong ESG impact.

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