Lead2030 Challenge Winner: Stewart O'Callaghan

How can we ensure equity for all UK cancer patients?
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Cancer outcomes in the UK are worse than other nations (1). And in more deprived communities, people are more likely to get cancer, more likely to be diagnosed at a late stage for certain cancer types, and have more trouble accessing cancer services. Sadly, they’re also more likely to die from the disease (2).

If we can engage everyone in their healthcare and diagnose cancer earlier we can change these outcomes – even a one week shortening of time to diagnosis can result in a 1% increase in survival.

The Roche UK Lead2030 Challenge for SDG 3, was launched to identify and support innovative UK based organisations working to ensure equity for UK cancer patients.

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Live Through This is the UK's only LGBTIQ+ cancer charity and works hard to support and advocate for LGBTIQ+ people affected by cancer. They are a queer patient led charity, firmly placing community co-production at the core of their activities and outputs. They tackle the barriers facing LGBTIQ+ patients through three main paths to progress:

  1. Supporting patients and their partners through peer support;
  2. Educating healthcare providers on the core principles of equitable healthcare and the potential clinical and patient experience impact facing LGBTIQ+ patients;
  3. Producing bespoke resources and information for patients and professionals including their gender neutral chest checking guidance “Chest Check 101”, the “My Cervix My Service” video campaign sharing tips for a positive experience with trans and non-binary patients attending screening, co-authoring national guidelines on Inclusive Pregnancy Status checks for radiography with the Society of Radiographers, and two brand new information pages with Macmillan.

Live Through This are passionate and committed to this progress, combining lived experience with clinical expertise to produce high quality outputs that can truly bring about change.

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