One Young World publishes its 2019 Annual Impact Report

One Young World is excited to launch its 2019 Annual Impact Report, representing the incredible impact of the Ambassador Community, and the work of the organisation throughout the year.

The report uncovered that 5.1 million people have been positively impacted by One Young World Ambassador-led initiatives which were analysed in 2019. This means that over 26 million people have benefited from Ambassador projects since 2010.

The impact of the One Young World Ambassador Community was measured using methodology inspired by Social Value UK and devised following discussions with PwC. The Social Return on Investment  analysis of the 50 projects featured in 2019 discovered that, on average, every $1 invested in an Ambassador-led initiative returns $15 value of positive social impact.



The 50 projects featured in the SROI analysis were chosen for two primary reasons. Firstly, the selection reflects the geographical spread of the One Young World Community which was typified at the 2019 Summit in London, at which 190+ countries were represented.

The second main reason behind the selection of Ambassadors is to demonstrate the wide array of social issues being addressed by the Community, from tackling poverty to protecting the environment, from addressing inequalities to providing clean water and sanitation. This variety is framed by the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the 50 Ambassador-led initiatives featured in the 2019 Annual Impact Report cover the full spectrum of all 17 SDGs.

SDG 13 14 15

One Young World also believes that to tackle the global challenges facing humanity, it is necessary to leverage the mechanisms of big business to effect positive social change. To achieve this, One Young World partners with 190+ internationally-renowned businesses, and welcomes their highest achieving young employees with a commitment to social impact, to the One Young World Summit every year.

These young leaders are empowered to create positive change within their organisations and beyond. Their initiatives do not all fit the SROI methodology, but they are responsible for some of the most substantial positive social impact the One Young World Community generates.

The 2019 report includes more than 25 outstanding initiatives led by Ambassadors within business. These range from a conservation project in the Andees to the design of a new purpose for one of the world's largest multinational companies. Young leaders within large corporations are taking the initiative and shaping the direction of their business.

Business Case Studies

Discover the Ambassador projects now live on our Impact Page:

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