November 2020: Ambassadors of the Month

One Young World Ambassadors are leading projects in every country of the world, creating substantial social impact across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Every month our Coordinating Ambassadors select someone from their region who has created significant social impact locally, regionally or even worldwide. We are delighted to feature a selection of these exceptional young leaders below. If you would like to be considered, please reach out directly to your Coordinating Ambassador. Unsure who is your Coordinating Ambassador? See the breakdown of countries here


Alena Schieber, Germany - NEXT

Alena S

Alena co-founded NEXT, an initiative in Zurich Insurance that advocates for the younger generation to have a voice in key business decisions. It also empowers young leaders in the organisation to make an impact directly. The strategy includes three elements: Voice, Connection, and Social Innovation. The Voice strand includes advocacy for NextGen to have a voice in key Zurich business decisions which will shape the company’s future. Connection is about linking NextGen communities inside and outside of Zurich Insurance to create dialogue, share best practices, and bring insight and inspiration to the company. Social Innovation is about investing in the next generation of socially-responsible leaders within the company.

The NEXT Virtual Summit 2020, inspired by One Young World, brought colleagues, changemakers and entrepreneurs together to share insights and inspiration around the role generations can play in solving the major challenges of our time, including internal and external speakers.

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Sughra Shah Bukhari, Pakistan - A Master's in Pandemic


Sughra's book proposal, A Master's in Pandemic, aims to explore how a global pandemic has exacerbated the debilitated state of the existing universal education ecosystem that is set to fail the leaders and innovators of tomorrow. It explores how this downfall transpires in the economics of the “fourth revolution”, and what we, as global change-makers, can do about it.

For this book proposal, Sughra has been shortlisted for the Bracken Bower Prize 2020. This annual award, hosted by the Financial Times and McKinsey & Company, aims to reward the best business book proposals of the year by young business writers aged under 35 years old.

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Asiya Mohammed, Trinidad & Tobago - Conflict Women, Ltd.


In 2014, Asiya founded Conflict Women ​to financially empower rape and domestic violence survivors. What began with teaching survivors to make jewellery and retailing their handcrafted products has now evolved into virtual business training workshops, providing access to capital for their small businesses, mentors, and most recently our Survivor Pitch Competition, enabling survivors to pitch their idea to a panel of judges. Through entrepreneurship, we hope to eliminate gender-based violence.

Since its creation, Conflict Women has trained over 120 women and ​provided services to survivors in Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados. For her exceptional impact, Asiya received the 100th Commonwealth Point of Light Award from ​Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II ​and the National Medal for the Development of Women (Gold) from the President of Trinidad & Tobago.

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Diego Martinez, Poland – We are Circular


Diego is product manager at We are Circular, a company with a diverse team of engineers, “innovation geeks”, and consultants. They are concerned with climate issues, and deliver circular design training and circular economy consultancy for large corporations. We are Circular believes in growth through sustainable innovations as it is a means to bring together economy and ecology to create sustainable, profitable, robust businesses of the future.

Each year the company organises a circular economy conference that brings together academia, business, and entrepreneurs to find solutions for their sustainability challenges. It also created a circular economy HUB for companies to help them to get closer to their sustainability goals by embracing the circular economy principles.

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Khurelbaatar Bat-Orshikh, Mongolia - OYWMongolia

Khurel Image

In November 2020, Khurelbaatar set up the OYWMongolia social media pages (IG, Facebook) to spread the One Young World message to young people in his country. Collaborating with two other Ambassadors, he set up the pages to communicate the work of One Young World, fellow One Young World Ambassadors, and the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals to young people in his country.

Khurelbaatar has the drive to educate, and in his day-to-day job at Oyu Tolgoi, Khurelbaatar runs event-based programmes connecting young engineers with more experienced professionals to share their experience and learnings about the industry.

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Lily Okorokwo, UK - African Women in Ventures

Lily Okorokwo, UK - African Women in Ventures

Lily Okorokwo launched The Glowing Colours website due to her passion for African art and fashion, with the objective of promoting pan-African stories across the creative sectors. It achieves this by sharing news on African art and culture, fashion, business, leadership, and lifestyle. Most recently, the website has grown to share the latest updates on African SMEs across various sectors including tech, business, and lifestyle.

This was the foundation on which Lily launched her latest initiative, African Women in Ventures. She has created a fast-growing community of 34 female African entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, with the aim of expanding the group throughout the continent. Members of the group share opportunities, resources, experiences, learnings, and inspiration to inspire and potentially identify opportunities to collaborate and empower each other.

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Dannie van Osch, Netherlands - Vertoro

Dannie image

Dannie is the Chief Business Officer of Vertoro, a Dutch startup working in the bio-based economy. Vertoro aims at accelerating the green revolution and revolutionise the oil industry. It produces a 100% natural alternative to crude oil called crude lignin oil (CLO).

This CLO is prepared from the biopolymer lignin. Lignin is the ideal starting material for this process since currently 98% of the lignin is burned for its calorific value. Vertoro has set themselves the goal to use exclusively waste material to ensure a circular economy converting waste into the feedstock of the future. For example, lignin is available in coffee grind which is a huge “offset market”.

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Andrea Gunnarsdóttir, Iceland - Young Professional Women in Iceland


Founded in 2014, Young Professional Women in Iceland (UAK) is an organisation working for women who want to eliminate obstacles young professional women face every day. Andrea currently serves as vice-chair for the organisation that has created a forum for these women to learn from, promote, and empower each other. UAK offers a great variety of educational and networking events every month, aiming to encourage young women, inspire them and assist them in developing their skills. The most prominent is the annual UAK Conference in Iceland, where 250 young women gather to discuss various relevant topics regarding women empowerment and gender equality.

This past year, Iceland’s Prime Minister and Chairmanship in the Council of Women World Leaders was the keynote speaker. The most recent virtual event on the unrealistic expectation and the mental load women face every day, has been watched by 17,000+ people.

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German Mueses Rodríguez, Colombia - EVIUZ


German launched the Fotolampara initiative, which aims to give light to every home which lacks access. For this purpose, the project has designed technologies that use photosynthetic activity and other vital processes in plants in order to obtain clean, sustainable, and sufficient power that generates light.

Fotolampara has launched a project to bring light to 37 vulnerable homes with an energy deficit, saving the households approximately $30 monthly, as they will stop using expensive, traditional, and often dangerous sources of electricity. The objective is to reach vulnerable communities in areas such as Socorro and Guapuscal Bajo (Nariño, Colombia). This has significant personal and environmental benefits resulting from the reduced CO2 emissions in the atmosphere, reduced by an approximate total of 394.3kg annually.

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Yosuke Tamura, Japan - One Young World Tokyo Caucus 2020

Yosuke Image

The first One Young World Caucus in Japan was held in 2018, with a small group of Ambassadors and supported by four generous business partners. From 23rd-25th October, Yosuke led over 20 One Young World Ambassadors to organize a caucus with around 25 partner organisations.

Yosuke thought and set the caucus theme "Inclusive Leadership," and the interactive event engaged over 1,000 participants worldwide, spreading awareness of the SDGs and the power of social business. Over 30 speakers inspired the attendees, and a selection of the most influential millennial leaders gathered to discuss the pitch at the caucus. Even after the caucus, Yosuke will lead to the execution of action ideas about SDGs and present the achievement with fellows at One Young World Tokyo Summit 2022.

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