Thousands attend OYW's global digital events in July: A recap of what you've missed

Over the past few weeks, One Young World (OYW) Coordinating Ambassadors and partners have brought together thousands of young leaders on digital platforms to debate, exchange and propose solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.

Check out some of the events that have been happening over the past few weeks that you may have missed…

July 2: Intergenerational Dialogue on Nuclear Disarmament

In advance of the 37th Annual Plenary Meeting in Malta, One Young World and the InterAction Council hosted a session to facilitate a pre-Malta dialogue on the topic of nuclear disarmament. The event brought together members of the InterAction Council network and One Young World Ambassadors for a truly intergenerational discussion on the global ethical implications of nuclear proliferation. The discussion was moderated by Tom Axworthy, and the panellists were Bertie Ahern, Hajer Sharief, Rut Einarsdottir, Ibrahim Jalal, and Reb Johnson.

Nuclear disarmament

July 4 - August 1: Brazil Caucus


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Organised by the OYW Ambassador community in Brazil and spearheaded by Suelen Nina, the Coordinating Ambassador for Brazil, the One Young World Brazil Caucus 2020 was held online. Every weekend in July workshops were held covering 5 different topics: the refugee crisis, innovation for sustainability in agribusiness, education challenges, gender representation and responsible economy. Panellists for the various topics included Carlos Wizard, Dr. Marcos Fava Neves and Fabiana Fontana.

July 9: Building Resilience: Courage In Adversity

The second #FinBiz2030 event took place in July in partnership with Chartered Accountants Worldwide, attracting 3900 registrants from 66 countries. This latest session tackled questions such as: what does it mean to be courageous in business in 2020? In a year like few others, how can people develop professional and personal resilience to deal with setbacks and challenges? Presenters Lyle Malander and Mandy Muchnick introduced guest speakers Kate Robertson, the Co-Founder of One Young World, and Freeman Nomvalo, SAICA CEO and Chartered Accountants Worldwide Board Member. The webinar also featured a panel discussion with OYW ambassadors and Chartered Accountants Nathaniel Japhta, Dr. Mosima Mabunda, and Kalm Paul-Christian. The next instalment will take place in September.  


July 9: Responding to Domestic Abuse


Led by OYW Ambassador Jemima Lovatt, this virtual roundtable brought together panellists from The B Team, CHANEL, AI for Good, rAInbow and Thrive to discuss the rise of domestic abuse during COVID-19 and to discuss innovative solutions for business to champion. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to spikes in rates of violence and abuse across the globe, and discussion focused on creating a society-wide response to this crisis and pushing businesses to recognize the increased threat of domestic abuse as well as the unique challenges of isolation and remote work in order to ensure employees have the support and resources they need to remain safe, healthy and fit for work.

July 10: OYW Africa Black Unity Event

Organised by the One Young World Africa team and the Middle East team, this discussion brought participants from around the world together to speak on their visions for a world free of anti-blackness, and the concrete steps we must take to achieve this.

The #BlackUnity campaign is a platform where open, transparent and uncomfortable conversations can be held around racism and racial justice from every part of the world.


Jul 14: OYW Webinar on the role of tech in the fight against COVID-19


Organised by Sonal Sharma, Coordinating Ambassador for the USA, this webinar focused on how technology plays a quintessential role in fighting this global pandemic and how our ambassadors are contributing towards this goal through their cutting-edge technologies and initiatives. The event featured Amil Khandaza, OYW Ambassador and founder of Virufy. Virufy's vision is to develop a smartphone app that can be used by everyone in the world to find out in minutes whether they have COVID-19.

July 15: Sport Caucus

Co-organised by One Young World and Tiempo de Juego, the Sport Caucus focused on sport as a transformational tool and building a better world through sport. Moderated by Colombian football player Isabella Echeverri, discussion took place between Colombia national football team captain Natalia Gaitan, OYW Ambassador Juan Sanchez, and Timepo de Juego Coordinator Bryan Garay. The event took place on Instagram live.


July 17: OYW Colombia Networking Cocktails


This networking event was hosted by Pernod Ricard. Andres Lopez, HR director of Orlegi Sports and co-creator of Pride Connection Colombia, spoke about building his personal brand. This was followed by a sustainable cocktail masterclass and networking.

July 18: Asia-Pacific Shine a Light Series

Jointly organised by the One Young World Asia Team and spearheaded by CA for Australia & New Zealand Kate Crowhurst, this event was the first in a series themed around the Sustainable Development Goals and the actions young people are taking towards them. The panel focused on SDG - good health and wellbeing. Speakers included Diana Nazemian-Pour, Annette Garae, Radhika Batra, Mayuri Suzuki and Fadila Nur-aini.


Webinar: Getting Young Leaders on Boards


The Getting on Board webinar aimed to guide young people through the process of volunteering as a trustee on a charity board. The talk covered what a trustee is, how to find vacancies and how to get the resources and support you need to leap into trusteeship.

The session was led by Leon Ward who is the Deputy Chair of Brook Young People - the largest sex and relationships charity for young people in the UK. 

July 22: Europe Digital Pitch Round - Climate Change

This event was led by the OYW Europe team and spearheaded by Caritta Seppa and Sorana Ionita. This month's session was themed around affordable and clean energy and climate action. The event provided a chance for individuals to showcase their projects and to connect with other like-minded people from across Europe.


July 23: South America Caucus


Led by CA for South America Jason Pareja, the South America Caucus took place online and focused on health, education and economic growth in the time of COVID-19. Five young leaders from different fronts of the social ecosystem shared innovative solutions that they have been implementing to combat the problems that have been facing the region. Discussions focused on technology, and the digital gaps that have arisen in the midst of a public health crisis.

July 27: OYW Ambassadors on Poverty Alleviation During COVID-19

Organised by OYW Ambassador Wubetu Shimelash, this event brought together Delegate Speakers from the Poverty Alleviation Plenary at the 2019 London Summit to talk about how their work has been progressing.


July 31: Steph Chaparro x Amazoniafest


Organised by Jason Pareja, OYW joined AmazoniaFest, an online charity concert by @musiclinkperu that was broadcast entirely from Instagram to support the Amazonian communities most affected by COVID-19. Proceeds went toward the construction and implementation of an oxygen plant for the benefit of these communities.

Upcoming Events


20 August

OYW Women in Motion

This event seeks to create a platform and engage in conversation around key topics which are being faced by women today. Topics to be discussed include: women empowering women, creating women to be leaders in business and society united against GBV.

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21 August

OYW Africa: #BlackUnity - Economic Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

The #BlackUnity campaign is a platform where open, transparent and uncomfortable conversations can be held around racism and racial justice from every part of the world. Join us and watch the second episode focused on economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.

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3 September

Building Resilience: A #FinBiz2030 Series - Equality. Diversity. Opportunity

Following from the previous event, “Courage in Adversity”, we are proud to present “Equality. Diversity. Opportunity” as the next in our Building Resilience series. Join us as we learn from those who have lived those experiences, lifted others in communities who needed them, and are leveraging new innovations to architect a more inclusive world. 

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September 15

Changing the law on domestic violence: Insights from Mauritania

The event will be held on 15 September 2020, the first day of the United National General Assembly. Through the UN General Assembly, we hope to share the legislative reform in Mauritania with other countries considering creating or reforming laws on domestic abuse.

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