Ambassador Spotlights: February 2023

One Young World Ambassadors are leading projects in every country of the world, creating substantial social impact across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Every month our Coordinating Ambassadors select someone from their region who has created significant social impact locally, regionally or even worldwide.

This Month's Featured Projects in Numbers 

357 k+

people impacted

50 k

harassment and abuse reports filed

25 +

countries impacted

Alberto with the students of his financial literacy courses

Meet the Ambassadors

Manasi Gupta


Manasi Gupta

Manasi Gupta is the Founder and Executive Director of the Huesofthemind Foundation, a youth-led non-profit organisation that aims to make mental health resources more accessible, affordable and readily available. Her work as a mental health advocate entails creating conversations around mental health to raise awareness and reduce the stigmas around the topic. Additionally, Manasi and her team are the youngest winners of the India Health and Wellness Awards, granted by the former Health Secretary of India. 

Huesofthemind is part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network. As of 2023, the foundation has over 150 members, created safe sharing spaces, and delivered more than 80 talks and educational workshops worldwide to over 50,000 beneficiaries since its beginning in 2019. Within the fight against the stigmas of mental health, Manasi has also published a book called Hues of You, with its profits going to fund access to therapy.

Axel Mendez Rebollo


Axel Mendez Rebollo

Axel Méndez Rebollo is a financial consultant who aims to better financial education in Latin America. His work focuses on teaching what is not part of the school curriculum regarding personal finance, including lessons on saving, investing and managing money. So far, he has directly reached over 2,000 people. Indirectly, he has impacted over 1.6 million people through social media, where he has a community of over 124,000 followers and shares regular content on these topics.

He has hosted several conferences on financial education and investing in Mexican institutions of higher education, with an overall attendance of 1,000 university students. Axel’s goal is to increase that last number to 1 million people over the next five to ten years. His motivation is to help combat world poverty and hunger through providing better financial education.

Camila Gama Campana Gomide


Camila Gama Campana Gomide

Camila Gama Campana Gomide is the Programs and Outreach Officer of the Red Dot Foundation Group, an organisation that weaves together gender, technology, communications, data and urban planning with the purpose of raising awareness on street harassment and abuse, while helping victims break their silence by reporting their experiences. Their landmark programme, Safecity, is a map on a platform that crowdsources anonymous testimonies of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces. The aim of this aggregated map is to provide local communities and governments with useful information to prevent and eradicate these situations hence leading to social and systemic change.

Safecity has over 50,000 registered reports in different countries, with on the ground projects in 17 countries and 3,000 youth leaders. Additionally, they have trained more than 250,000 people on how to prevent and stop street harassment and abuse, as well as hosted hackathons to encourage young people to find solutions for building safer cities in their communities. Their overall reach is more of one million citizens, both online and offline.

Alberto giving a talk


Alberto Nuñez

Alberto Núñez is the Founder and Executive Secretary of Sembrando Conciencia, a socio-environmental organisation that aims to protect the environment and eradicate climate change through raising social awareness, as well as achieving ecological food sovereignty. Guerrilla Verde, one of their key projects, focuses on creating circular economy ventures for social empowerment with vulnerable communities in the urban area of Asunción and the central department in Paraguay. Alberto has been recognized by the WWF Generation 10 movement, and as a City Changer by the World Urban Campaign - UN Habitat.  

As of 2023, Sembrando Conciencia has created six community gardens that have directly benefited 600 people by feeding them with their vegetables, and has provided 200 people with knowledge and supplies. Additionally, they have given talks on waste management and composting to 400 people, and have raised environmental awareness through education with 300 students and teachers. Sembrando Conciencia has a growing network of volunteers, with currently 100 involved in their activities.

A talk by a DSM Bright Scholar


Niels van Mossevelde

Niels van Mossevelde is a Senior Associate Scientist at DSM. Following his participation in the One Young World Summit in 2022, and alongside other DSM delegates from Japan, Switzerland and the Netherlands, created the DSM Bright Scholars project. The aim of this online project is to support the 3 Manchester 2022 DSM Scholars (Dorah, Proscovia and Joseph) by identifying their needs and providing them with in-kind know-how and coaching on topics such as nutrition and food fortification advice, as well as with micro-financing. 

Considering the last need, the group managing DSM Bright Scholars chose to go the route of most impact and directed their efforts towards crowdfunding so that the DSM scholars could take the next step in their ventures to improve the food system in Kenya and Nigeria. Through this, they have received 66 individual donations totaling up to over 3,000 euros as of now, but they aim to keep growing.