Ambassador Spotlights: March 2023

One Young World Ambassadors are leading projects in every country of the world, creating substantial social impact across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Every month our Coordinating Ambassadors select someone from their region who has created significant social impact locally, regionally or even worldwide.

This Month's Featured Projects in Numbers 

143 k+

People Impacted

500 +

Shoes distributed to school students

600 +

Meals distributed to school students


Meet the Ambassadors 

Pamela Turyatunga


Pamela Turyatunga

Pamela Turyatunga is the Sustainability Manager at Absa Group. Following a 17% spike in teen pregnancies in Uganda during the COVID-19 pandemic, she started the “Support a Teen Mother” campaign. The aim of this campaign is to help the future generation of mothers by providing them tools to help their livelihoods, with training in vocational skills, financial literacy, paying school fees, and offering them jobs in planting foods and vegetable gardens.

500 teen mothers have planted gardens and fruit trees as a sustainable source of food. They have in addition been given skills in financial literacy, bakery, knitting and crocheting. Within her work at Absa Group, Pamela is part of the Absa Women Network Forum. Alongside One Young World, they provided a water purification system to the TERREWODE women's hospital.

Alondra Jazmin Fraustro Cardiel


Alondra Jazmin Fraustro Cardiel

Alondra Jazmin Fraustro founded Ciencia Magica to promote inclusive and equitable education in STEM and the relevance of the same in climate action. Ciencia Magica works towards creating awareness about the siginificant role of STEM in climate action through confreneces, engagements activities and original scientific content. Furthermore, they have created a homemade kit with 100% innovtaive degradable materials that facilitates backyard farming.

Since 2019, Ciencia Mágica has shared 600 conferences, courses and workshops benefiting more than 122,000 people. They have collaborated with 300 different entrepreneurs to share their experience with the youth of Mexico, inspiring them to learn more about science and contribute towards climate action. Alondra collaborated on 80 interviews with different cities in Mexico and on the global platform sharing her career as environmental leader and STEM woman.

Lerato Mosia

South Africa

Lerato Mosia

Lerato co-founded African Child at Work with the aim to share knowledge and built it into an organisation with expertise in planning and desigining socio economic development and Enterprise Development Programme. In their programme Ignite Kasi Economy they invite several stakeholders from the Private Sector, regulators from the Public sector, entrepreneurs to engage with community and inspire them to take action. African Child at Work has also conducted sanitary towels drive, school shoe campaign, soup kitchen and training sessions on backyard cropping.

The Ignite Kasi Programme has directly led to the employement of 20 people. As of today, African Child at work distributed 1500 sanitary napkins , 500+, and 600+ meals to school kids in 2023. Aditionally they are training 8 community members with backyard farming skills to facilitate skill development and self sufficiency, their target for 2023 is to reach 3000 community members.

Mohammed Mohammed


Mohammed Mohammed

Mohammed Mohammed founded Peace wakerifenesses as an online, in-person advisory that specializes in preventing and resolving conflicts between society and workers in institutions. They implement conflict prevention projects, design mediation services, and provide training courses in peacebuilding.


Peace wakerifeness started working 6 years ago in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq through face-to-face volunteer sessions on peacebuilding and conflict resolution with the help of NGOs in Kurdistan. Their project called "The Role of Youth in Strengthening Their Communities Through Integration and Peaceful Coexistence" targeted peacebuilding among Syrian refugees, displaced Yazidis and the host community. In addtion, they also worked on offering online training courses on peace building to young people living inside Syria through the "Syria Reconstruction" project. Peace wakerifeness, has now started with face-to-face and online volunteer sessions on “Youth and Peace” and targeted refugees and immigrants through the process of integration into European society in Spain.

Otoubou Ardent Trésor Alex

Republic of Congo

Alex Otoubou

In Congo today, young people are increasingly losing the right path and have gradually fallen into debauchery and depravity. Nowadays school has become a field of confrontation and violence in Congo Brazzaville. KIMVUKA, with the support of the World Peace Initiative Foundation (WPI), has set up the Peace4twenia project, which uses meditation as a tool to strengthen the capacities of public school students in the area of personal development and leadership.

So far, through their activities, peace4twenia has trained 900 students in grades 5 and 8, 40% of whom are girls. Nearly 800 students have been able to clearly define a life vision and make a career choice after participating in the leadership and personal development training. This project has helped 400 students who were struggling in school to regain their self-confidence evidence with significant improvement in academic performance. Up to now, Peace4twenia has reduced violence among students by at least 90%.

Francisca Dias


Francisca Dias

Francisca Dias is an International Image Consultant and Executive Presence Coach, she helps women in STEM embody their authentic version of Power Women. Francisca catalyzes positive change in the STEM ecosystem igniting professional women to step into their greatness. One of her biggest challenges was dismantling the misconception that Style & Presence are superficial or of secondary concern in the rational, more masculine world of corporate STEM.

Her unique take on embodiment, presence & style reflect in her corporate workshops, keynote speeches, and work with private clients. In less than six months, Francisca has been nominated for 4 Women Changing the World Awards 2023, she has become a diversity & inclusivity changemaker in the STEM ecosystem with the work she has done with Women in Tech in Netherlands, Fe+male Tech Heroes and corporate clients like Lean In Network and Intouch & Blinklane.

Raeed Roshan Ali


Raeed Roshan Ali

Raeed Roshan Ali founded Precious Plastic Fiji as a social enterprise that localises principles of the global movement to provide Fijian communities with a solution to plastic pollution. Precious Plastic Fiji established Fiji's first plastic recycling and uplcycling hub that converts ocean plastic waste into upcycled retail products. This approach uses plastic as a raw material to create items that contribute to its circular economy while ensuring climate conservation. Raeed's mission is to educate, empower, and inspire Fijians to become change agents in the fight against plastic waste.

Since its inception in 2018, Precious Plastic Fiji has collected over 30 tons of plastic waste, redirected over 10 tons of plastic waste from landfills, organized multiple nationwide coastal clean-up campaigns with a participation of 5000+ citizens and trained/educated 580 youth through their awareness program. Furthermore, Raeed and his team developed a plastics education program and recycling manual, targeting over 50,000 students and promoting sustainable consumption from an early age. Precious Plastic Fiji is an exemplary enterprise that is striving to create a sustainable future for Fiji.