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Hyppolite Ntigurirwa reacting to the audience's applause at One Young World 2017





The One Young World Peace Ambassador programme, in partnership with the European Commission, supports young people working to prevent and counter violent extremism (P/CVE) in their communities. Since 2017, the European Commission has supported 255 young people in developing countries who are active in P/CVE and peacebuilding initiatives.

With the overall objective of empowering young leaders in developing countries to contribute to preventing and countering violent extremism and building peace in their communities, One Young World and the European Commission have brought together five cohorts of exceptional young leaders.

OYW Peace Ambassadors at the Summit

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Peace Ambassadors in the News

  • Zoya El-Miari speaking online at a CNN Interview

    Palestinian-Ukrainian Refugee Zoya Miari: “Both Sides of Me Are Worth Living” | Amanpour and Company

  • Portrait of Jean Dinco

    Jean Dinco representing SDG 10 in Vanity Fair's Global Goals List

  • Rumaitha Al Busaidi

    Rumaitha Al Busaidi as one of Reuters 25 trailblazing women leading the fight against climate change

  • Ireen Chikatula

    Ireen Chikatula part of the 2023 Obama Foundation Leaders Africa program

  • Hyppolite Ntigurirwa

    Hyppolite Ntigurirwa at the first Peace Caucus in Kigali, organised by the European Commission and One Young World

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  • European Commission Peace Ambassadors smile taking a selfie in Brussels

    One Young World Peace Ambassadors visit Brussels for the European Union Visitor Programme

European Commission Peace Ambassadors Video Series

Conflict Resolution

Tackling Disinformation


We support One Young World Scholarships because we are committed to empowering youth to take action, amplify their impact and contribute to building more peaceful societies. This is aligned with the European Union’s goal to uphold solidarity and mutual respect among peoples and the protection of human rights."

Jesper Pedersen, Acting Head of Unit Global & Transregional Threats & Challenges European Commission

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