One Young World Summit 2012

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[[[image-1 small right]]] One Young World Summit 2012 –
Pittsburgh USA, 18 - 22 October


The premier global forum for young leaders - no other event gathers representatives from more countries except the Olympic Games. At the 2011 Summit in Zurich 1,300 delegates from 171 countries issued Calls to Action to young people around the world: on the role of corporations within the developing world; on government policy on social media; on interfaith dialogue; on the impact of climate change; the obesity epidemic; immunisation policy and started the #wakeupcall movement targeting governments everywhere. In their deliberations they were inspired and activated by Counsellors leaders including Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Muhammad Yunus, Bob Geldof, Donna Karan, Fatima Bhutto, Crown Prince Haakon of Norway, Wael Ghonim and Unilever’s Paul Polman.

Recognised world leaders are invited each year to lend their stature as Counsellors to the Delegates to that year’s Summit: inspiring them to take up leadership roles and responsibilities and drawing the attention of the world’s governments and business leaders to the demands and aspirations of the next generation.

With over 100 actions taken by One Young World Ambassadors 2010 over 4 million people have been impacted directly by, for example: the first African Student Leaders Summit; the Haitian and Zimbabwe Schoolbag projects and one of the Ambassadors became the youngest person to ski to the geographic North Pole. Within the months after Summit 2011 delegates have spoken at the Labour Party Conference in the UK; at UNAOC; and two have begun running for political office: for Congress in Arizona and to become an MP in Uganda.

The third Summit will be held in Pittsburgh from October 18th-22nd. There the One Young World Ambassadors 2011 will be reporting on the results of their global actions and the 2012 Delegation will take up their roles in acting for positive global change.

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