#OYW2021: The Opening Ceremony

The One Young World 2021 Opening Ceremony, while socially distanced, harnessed the energy of Delegates from around the world to come together and share in a passion for a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Many new and familiar faces graced the stage alongside founders Kate Robertson & David Jones.

One such familiar friend of One Young World was Singer and Activist, Bob Geldof. Mr. Geldof enlightened delegates with a reminder of the biggest 20th century tragedy and how 100 years later young people from around the world come together to address the injustices and obstacles previous generations failed to overcome.

In a powerful statement to delegates, Mr. Geldof said “We require good change, we require great change. We require from you exceptional change because you are the ones chosen because of your exceptional abilities to implement exactly what we need."

After a moving speech comes the long awaited flag bearing ceremony. Delegates and volunteer representatives brought together the flags of over 190 nations symbolizing the strength of the One Young World community and its mission of international peace and cooperation.