#OYW2021: Relive the Highlights of Day Two

We are doing this not because it is easy, but because it's hard with Ilka Horstmeier

Ilka Horstmeier, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG made an interesting entry in a BMW Isetta. Before this entry, a video clip showed how BMW cars helped 9 people to find freedom in 1964. Ilka’s story too is that of Freedom and after her walk to freedom, it was Mobility that became a symbol of freedom for her.

Ilka has been with BMW for the past 27 years and said that they are making transformative changes to combat climate change. With the help of her team, she introduced a BMW Mini seat that is more sustainable, high quality while at the same time meeting all the requirements. Ilka said, “the transformation is not easy at all. We’re doing this, not because it’s easy but because it’s hard. It’s the only way, to sustain the freedom of individual mobility.”

Breaking Code Silence: A spotlight on the abuse behind the Troubled Teen Industry, Paris Hilton, Entrepreneur, DJ & Activist and Amanda Nguyen, CEO and Founder, Rise 

“There is power in telling the truth”, says Paris Hilton, Entrepreneur, DJ and Activist who started a campaign called “Breaking Code Silence”, to encourage former Troubled Teen Industry to speak out about the abuse and trauma they suffered at the residential programs that were meant to help them in the first place.

These programs train girls to be silent, that they should be ashamed of what happened to them. Paris herself remained silent for 20 years but then decided to turn her pain into purpose. Now she urges those who suffered a similar fate to speak up and speak loud. She believes that by sharing stories and raising awareness there is more hope at passing this issue on a federal level, that these places that hurt young children can either be shut down or reformed with the help of thorough checking, regulation and supervision.

Paris’s efforts have helped pass a new law for troubled teen centres in Utah.


Freedom, Connection and the Power of the Arts with David Hasselhoff

One of the highlights of the day was the motivation young leaders received from David Hasselhoff. The session started with his hit music video “Looking for Freedom”, which he sang at the Berlin Wall in 1989. Speaking about the most monumental moment in his life, he said “you never know when a moment is created, so just show up!”.

Shedding more light on the climate issues, he said that “the future is not space, the future is right here, on our planet, we need to save it because future is now.” David also advised delegates to collaborate together, because one person can make a difference but together we can create an impact.

Plenary Session: Future Economies

In our 3rd Plenary Session: How can economic growth can be more just? Delegate Nadia says, “Economic instability is here already and will exacerbate. We need drastic changes. If we want a more just economy and a future that our next generation can enjoy, we need a fundamental systemic change.

We need a circular economy where waste is treated as a treasure, a regenerative economy where resource depletion is a past and all resources are valuable.” Dr. Lorenz Narku Laing, a diversity trainer, minority rights activist and social entrepreneur gave a very impactful speech where he spoke about his lifelong mission to fight racism and promote diversity within society.

He recounted the struggles he faced as a child, where he couldn’t pass an exam due to lack of resources, yet acquired a doctorate degree from the University of Munich. He believes there are many like him, who are denied basic support like education and general inclusivity in the community.

Plenary Session: Education

Our 4th Plenary Session tackled the question “How Can We Prepare For The 4th Industrial Revolution?” An opening keynote by Dame Vivian Hunt, Managing Partner at McKinsey & Company where she stated that not only connection and communication is important, but context and quality is important as well.

She emphasised on three kinds of education - Education before University, Education on the job and Education of self. In this session, we also had five delegates who spoke about overcoming obstacles and creating educational opportunities in the most innovative ways.

There has to be quality need-based education focused on equipping our young people with the right disposition, knowledge and skill set that are essential for the needs of today and tomorrow.


Watch the Plenary Highlights: