#OYW2021: Revisit the Top Moments from Day Three

The future of Colombia's peace is in the hands of young people with Former President of Colombia and Nobel Peace Prize 2016, Juan Manuel Santos & The Compaz Scholars, Nevis Cadena, Head of Frutichar, Diana Cortes, Pacific Dance & Laly Fernando Riascos, Guapi 

In the session, ‘Future of Colombian reconciliation’, we had Nobel Peace Prize winner and former President of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, who shared about the non-profit organization he founded - ‘Compaz Foundation’. This foundation is supporting peacebuilding and reconciliation in his country of Colombia.

Accompanying President Santos, on stage were three Compaz scholars, Nevis Cadena, Head of Frutichar, Diana Cortes, Pacific Dance and Laly Fernando Riascos, Guapi who spoke about how they are contributing to peacebuilding in their own territories in the Colombian Pacific, the challenges they face and the valuable and inspiring lessons about the role of young people in the path towards peace.

Angela Hwang, Executive Team and Group President of the Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals Group

Over more than one and half years now, the entire world is still in the grip of the Coronavirus Pandemic, destroying lives and reshaping economies like never before. Facing this monster right in the face is the pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer. One Young World had the pleasure to have Angela Hwang, Executive Team and Group President of the Pfizer Biopharmaceuticals to share with us some of the most powerful moments in Pfizer’s history when they experimented and manufactured their vaccine in early March 2020 when the virus broke out.

Angela said that this scientific journey became possible due to three important principles - Pfizer’s ability as proven over the decades, taking huge risks and scaling operations, and lastly re-examining their work to perform better. A vaccine like that would generally take years to be made, Angela said they made it happen in 248 days. Her message is very simple - “When you set a bold goal and you have no other choice, you will do it.”

Plenary Session: Covid-19

In the Plenary session, Covid-19- Lessons from the Pandemic - The Road to Recovery, we met some of the most incredible delegates who have faced health-related issues directly and after realising the extent of the unawareness regarding those issues, decided to step up and create a global impact.

Delegate Yulie Qiao after being diagnosed with Covid-19 and multiple complications created an app called ‘Virufy’ for Covid screening, which is now being used by people all over the world. Yana Panfilavo shared her heartbreaking story of being ostracized because she has HIV. Since then, she has stood up in support of all those vulnerable adolescents in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Sukhmeet Singh Sachal, an award-winning social entrepreneur, speaker, author, and public health activist aiming to improve public health interventions in South Asian communities across Canada. Mamello Makhele, a Gender Activist from Lesotho is standing up against the rising Rape Culture in her country. She says that “it is not women but men who should be agents of change.”

We were also joined by Lavau Kwalam Nalu from Papa Guinea, highlighting the struggles faced by small countries in combating Covid-19 Pandemic. He urged Large Economies to help the smaller countries to face this Pandemic, “No country beats Covid until the whole world beats Covid.”

Plenary Session: Conflict Resolution

Authoritarianism is on the rise; how can we de-escalate tensions?

The Keynote speech was delivered by Belarusian Politician & Human Rights Activist, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya who stated, “Only unity and solidarity can make authoritarian regimes fall. They will crumble under the power of peaceful protests all over the world.”

Following this speech, delegates shared their harrowing experiences of living under authoritarian regimes, the violence they saw at a very young age, the pain and trauma of losing homes, and coming out as strong leaders who now fight for human rights around the world.

One of the delegates was 22-year-old, Nujeen Mustafa who spoke about the misconceptions created around disabled people, “See the person behind the disability, and shatter the image of what is considered as normal”.

On the Digital Platform


Eradicating White Supremacy & Racial Inequality

In the session focused on ‘Eradicating White Supremacy & Racial Inequality’, One Young World Counselor and journalist Ilia Calderon joined One Young World Ambassadors Bjorn Ihler, Vincent Egunlae, and Mike Omoniyi to discuss on white supremacy and its effects on the global community. Vincent expressed how social media plays a major role nowadays in spreading misinformation that causes large groups to participate in public discourses.

White Supremacy has hopes of being vanished if we give more room to conversations and foster a deeper understanding of what it is like for black people to grow up in the western world. To combat White Supremacy on the public stage and reverse it, we need to begin attacking racist policies and not people.

Lead2030 Showcase

AstraZeneca is supporting Lead2030 Challenge SDG 3(Good Health & Wellbeing) winners Edith Soria, co-founder of Create Purpose Mexico and Diana Quintero, founder of BIVE. AstraZeneca is committed to creating a future where everyone has access to sustainable health solutions for life-changing treatment and prevention. Their goal of building stronger and more resilient health systems can further be met due to their partnership with Edith and Diana.

Edith works with orphanages to prevent non-communicable diseases and shares that the help received from AstraZeneca has helped their organization in focusing more on the groundwork and set higher goals rather than looking for funds.

Diana’s organization works to provide high-quality healthcare facilities to low-income rural communities in Colombia. She said the support from AstraZeneca helped her run the second phase of the BIVE project.

We also met the Lead2030 Challenge winners for SDG 12 and SDG 13 and their ambitious projects that aim to touch upon various Sustainable Development Goals. The winner of Lead2030 SDG 12(Responsible Consumption and Production) is Luna Yu, Cofounder of Genecis Bioindustries and is supported by Mondi Group. Genecis uses Biotechnology to make compostable plastic from food waste. This ambitious project backed by scientific research, Mondi as a global paper and packaging company have goals that align.

Javier Kuri, founder of Xilinat is the winner of Lead2030 SDG 13(Climate Action) and his project is supported Asahi Breweries. Xilinat uses Biotechnology to upcycle agricultural residues and transform them into Xylitol, a sugar substitute. Javier shared how important it is to collaborate and form healthy relationships in order to achieve goals together.

The Closing Ceremony


The Closing Ceremony