One Young World Summit 2012 Plenary Summary

[[[image-0 medium left]]]The Plenary Sessions are the cornerstones of the One Young World Summit. They cover the areas with which the Delegates are most engaged.

Full information on the Plenary and Breakout Sessions at the 2012 Summit can be found here: Agenda for action.







Why can’t every child read?
The Delegates will examine ways in which literacy impacts economic development and methods for improving literacy and access to education in their communities.

Global Business

What is the new CSR?
The summit will address the balance that employers must strike between making profit and providing social benefits and explore the roles every company can play in achieving greater social justice.


Why do we allow the physically disabled to be socially disabled?
One Young World represents the international community and therefore health issues vary enormously: the aim of the session will be to identify why physical disabilities and impairments still carry a stigma and to identify solutions that tackle the widespread lack of equal access.

Human Rights

Who is responsible for upholding human rights?
The discussion will be focused around minority rights and why there are certain groups whose rights are not defended; Delegates will analyse different methods of holding human rights abusers to account.

Leadership & Governance

Why will this generation do a better job?
One of the purposes of One Young World is to develop the leadership skills of those who attend; the Leadership Plenary will address ways in which Ambassadors can extend what they gain from the summit to other young leaders.

Sustainable Development

What is the new green?
Through exploring recent environmental campaigns, the Sustainable Development session will aim to utilise the true internationality of the summit to tackle the use of Fossil Fuel Subsidies.

Transparency and Integrity

What is the future of the relationship between business and government?
The Transparency Plenary will investigate the link between ethical business and fighting corruption and show that young people’s demand for greater transparency is being met through engagement with social media.

The new, modified Plenary Session format will hopefully instigate concrete plans of tangible action and enable Ambassadors to go on to achieve even more impressively in their post-Summit endeavors. The Ambassadors will be able to use the new One Young World Portal to share their news and experiences with the Community and help the Press, the One Young World team and Delegate Champions track their remarkable progress.