YNG (YPO Next Generation)

YPO is the global leadership community of impactful chief executives. The YPO global leadership community comes together to become better leaders and better people. Through YPO, they are inspired and supported to make a difference in the lives, businesses and the world they impact. As the youth branch of YPO, YNG gives young leaders access to world-class resources, local and international events, virtual programmes, YPO members and their companies, and their YNG peers to accelerate their professional growth.

Over 2022 and 2023, One Young World has partnered with YNG to bring outstanding young leaders with a commitment to delivering positive change into the One Young World Community.

Two YNG delegations have been invited to exclusive mentoring sessions with Luis Javier Castro, Founding Partner and Managing Director of Mesoamerica Investments and YPO Board Member for Eurolatam and YPO Gold for Colombia and Costa Rica. At the 2022 One Young World Summit in Manchester, the YNG Delegates were invited to an exclusive meet-up session with the former CEO of Unilever, Paul Polman.

Meet the YNG Delegates

Joaquin Alvarez Vitale

Joaquin Alvarez Vitale is co-founder & CEO of Wooy, a groundbreaking platform revolutionizing the way companies make an impact. Wooy shifts impact investment by offering immediate, tangible results rather than traditional upfront donations, speeding up the alignment with ESG standards and boosting the return on the investment.

We create an ecosystem connecting organizations and impact investors with sustainable projects worldwide, making it easier to find, invest, and monitor these project's impact. By offering immediate results, cost savings, and a global impact marketplace, Wooy simplifies impact investment and boosts its users' social and environmental contributions.

Greyscale portrait photo of Joaquin Alvarez Vitale
Portrait of Olivia Krok wearing black sweater and beige pattern blazer against grey background

Olivia Krok

Olivia Frances 'Vuyo' Krok, a Social Impact consultant, a South African living in Cape Town, has been working in the impact sector for +10 years and is truly inspired by the resilience and agility of nature and humanity. Embracing cultural diversity and human interactions, she is passionate about unity through mobilizing conversations for action. She believes in holistic development; therefore, it is critical to have partnerships for systematic change.

Her curiosity regarding a socially-conscious world came full circle – when developing her company, LivCurious (www.livcurious.com), committed to creating positive change by implementing innovative solutions tailored to their client’s vision and strategy for positive impact.

Consulting for diverse partners willing to challenge conventional business structures with social purpose, human-celebration, and bold creativity. They connect people and instill positive mindsets by the sharing of kindness and knowledge while embracing an ecology to evolve society's mindset from one of egocentrism towards one of ecocentrism, community, and compassion.

She believes if you share facts with people, you feed their minds for a moment in time. Yet if you awaken curiosity, they feed their own mind for a lifetime.