In Person Workshop Hosts Application Form 2023

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You may save your application progress at any point, and return to this same draft when you are ready to complete it. If you would like additional space to take any notes or to prepare answers on the application, we have included a template below for reference: Click here to download

*Please note, One Young World is not able to provide travel or accomodation for Workshop Facilitators
Contact information
Workshop Delivery
Please describe below your experience with delivering workshops. Responses should include who your audiences have previously been, where your workshops have taken place, themes and topics covered, and how many times this workshop has been delivered.
Please provide a brief description (100-200 words max) of the workshop you would like to host. This description would be shared with Delegates when registering for workshops.
Summit Workshops must deliver immediately applicable skills, strategies and or techniques that Delegates can apply to their own projects and initiatives later on. Previously successful workshops have also included Delegate collaboration and discussion. Please identify below which specific key objectives and/or tangible learning outcomes Delegates will gain.
Please indicate below how many Delegates your proposed workshop would be able to accommodate. Please note, workshop capacity: 30-80 max
Please provide an agenda of your proposed workshop below including the distribution of time thoughout the session (All workshops will be 60 minutes in length)

Example of Agenda structure below:
5 min Introduction
10min Introductions
20 min Presentation
20 min Delegate Discussion/Interactive Exercise/Breakouts
10 min Conclusions

Each workshop may have a maximum of 3 Speakers/Facilitators
If not selected initially, would you like to stay in touch regarding any future opportunities to collaborate with One Young World?
Please identify any additional engagement tools you intend to use for your proposed in-person workshop.