One Young World 2023 Belfast Summit - Workshops

One Young World 2023 Belfast Summit 


Welcome to the much-anticipated workshop agenda release.In case you missed any information in the email, here’s everything you need to know! Please read it carefully.


What are Summit workshops? 
Summit workshops, hosted by partner organisations, allow Delegates to delve into crucial topics in smaller groups. Through scenario challenges, problem-solving, goal-setting, and interactive discussions, participants share personal experiences and testimonies, driving impact through collaboration. They reflect Summit plenary topics, UN Sustainable Development Goals and regional initiatives or focus on leadership skill development. Please note that workshops are only available to in-person Delegates as they are held in person.


How many workshops can I attend? 
Due to limited capacity, Delegates can attend strictly one workshop for the duration of the summit.


Can I change workshops? 
No changes can be made after registering for a workshop so please double check you are happy with your selection before submitting your response.


What happens if a workshop is full? 
If a workshop is full, unfortunately, you cannot register to attend it.


How can I register for a workshop? 
On Tuesday, 5 September, you will receive an email that guides you to the registration site. We will release workshop spaces over two time slots to give equal opportunity to all delegates. Delegates in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Island Nations will receive the email at 9:00 BST. Delegates in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean will receive the email at 17:00 BST. Keep your eyes peeled; places go fast!


Please note…

  • These workshops will only be available to in-person Delegates.
  • Times are subject to slight change

Tuesday 3rd October

AB InBev - 0003

Title: Lessons from the 100+ Accelerator: How Startups Can Work with Multinationals to Boost Sustainable Innovation


Unilever and AB InBev share a vision of a better future, despite being competitors. They believe in collective action to bring about systemic change. As a result, they are collaborating closely to amplify and accelerate startups that offer sustainable solutions capable of transforming their supply chains into truly sustainable ones.


Having operated for over four years and conducted pilots with 116 startups in more than 30 countries, the 100+ Accelerator possesses the experience and credibility needed for multinational companies to effectively collaborate with startups.


Through this workshop, the 100+ Accelerator aims to illustrate the importance of conducting business with integrity, rather than opting for the easy route. They will share their insights and lessons learned with young entrepreneurs and leaders seeking to expand their ideas and projects.


In this workshop, three of our startups will showcase their projects and discuss their experiences collaborating with multinational companies. They will also offer recommendations to delegates interested in embarking on a similar journey. Additionally, two delegates from AB InBev will participate in the discussion. There will be ample opportunity for delegates to ask questions, present their ideas to the startup founders, and receive feedback from both the startup founders and the AB InBev delegates.


Involve - 0005

Title: Imagining Hopeful Democratic Futures: How Deliberative Democracy Can Change the World


As a global community, we face intense and urgent challenges – deepening inequality, conflict, displacement, and innumerable effects of the climate crisis. We are also seeing widening polarisation on a range of issues, and a shrinking of spaces for public dialogue with people different from ourselves. Traditional approaches to democracy, which focus on political parties and elections, can exacerbate these conditions as political elites mobilise voters around the most divisive issues. Winning elections has become more important than finding wise, fair, or effective solutions to the challenges we face. So what is the alternative? What tools, techniques, and approaches can we use to reverse these dynamics?


Deliberation is a distinct pattern of interaction that involves ‘weighing up’ reasons for or against a course of action. It is typically non-adversarial and enables win-win solutions. Deliberation can tackle complex issues, enable longer-term thinking, and bridge ideological divides to find solutions and courses of action that respond more closely to public needs.


This workshop will introduce the idea of deliberative democracy, its key features and benefits, how it has been mobilised around the world, and how it might help create new hopeful democratic futures in the face of multiple crises.


Clean Cooking - 0006

Title: Youth for Clean Cooking: Unleashing Youth Leadership for a Healthier and Cleaner Future of Cooking


Youth are not only leaders of tomorrow but also leaders of today. Young people's engagement is crucial to achieving universal access to clean cooking and meeting the SDGs. However, youth lack access to information, inclusive opportunities, and skill development. Clean Cooking Alliance (CCA) aims to empower young people to advocate for clean cooking solutions at home and abroad while using their own platforms and networks to create change.


This workshop educates Delegates on the many impacts of clean cooking and increases awareness of the issue of clean cooking – one of the world's most overlooked global development challenges. It examines the negative impacts of cooking with polluting fuels and stoves, as well as the benefits of transitioning to clean cooking solutions. The workshop also highlights opportunities for young people to participate in the growing sector and informs Delegates on how to be active changemakers and utilise their current roles and voices to amplify the issue at large. Participating in an interactive exercise, Delegates work in groups to develop their ideas, solutions, and initiatives on advancing clean cooking.


Finally, Delegates have the opportunity to maintain a lasting connection with CCA, such as by subscribing to the CCA Youth Newsletter and applying for CCA's youth programs, such as the "Ignite" Clean Cooking Youth Incubator Program and Women in Clean Cooking Mentorship (WICC) Program.


Beyond Skin - 0007

Title: The Art of Making Peace Infectious


The workshop is co-created with Delegates in real time using arts as the dialogue. 


Theme “Joy” - joy and addressing racism and sectarianism not usually aligned together. The reality is people are attracted to Joy.


Delegates using arts, music and sound objects and materials in the room will create artwork with a soundtrack to complement the development of peace slogans / campaigns titles designed to make people curious.


Primary aim is to tickle our inborn creativity to explore ways that are typically found in peace activism but have the potential of mobilising and attracting more people.


Bristol Myers Squibb - 0008

Title: Driving Transformative Environmental Initiatives by Empowering Junior Employees to Act as Advocates for Change


Water is a major commodity used by the biopharmaceutical industry, with a vast supply required annually used as a raw material, solvent in the manufacturing process, as an analytical reagent, cleaning agent, to name but a few uses. This workshop will showcase an individual example of how having a passion for the environment, water usage reduction, and your company’s sustainability footprint, can drive real tangible change. 


The emphasis of this workshop, however, will not be on the technicalities or engineering specific solutions. It aims to inspire individuals to be advocates for change despite their level of seniority or technical experience. The example to be used in the workshop is a project that was executed in our company by a junior employee, where there was an opportunity for a huge water-saving initiative on some legacy equipment on one of the company’s manufacturing sites, and the individual spoke-out to highlight and drive this change.


The key objective of this workshop is to empower passionate individuals to speak up about transformative environmental initiatives and opportunities within their company, and for companies to listen to and support junior employees in these initiatives. The first section of the workshop will give the background and context of Bristol Myers Squibb’s mission and environmental commitments, alongside an overview of the connection between human health and the environment. This will then be followed by an individual example whereby passion and innovation drove impactful change to the biopharmaceutical site’s water consumption, regardless of educational background or technical expertise. 


The goal is to create awareness of how to combine passion & resources to ultimately provide meaningful change, and improve the company’s environmental impact. This workshop experience aims to educate, inspire, and emphasise the impact that you as an individual can have on your company’s sustainability footprint, at a local level and beyond.


Hundo - 0009

Title: Work experience 3.0: the Power of Virtual Programmes


The Importance of Virtual Work Experience in Today's Digital and Remote Work Environment: In the current landscape where the world is evolving into a digital and remote work environment, virtual work experience plays a vital role in students' career readiness. 


Embracing this transformative approach to learning allows students to bridge the gap between theory and practice, equipping them to excel in the continually evolving modern workforce.


As an example - Positive Trends in the Esports Industry:


Esports, a rapidly expanding global industry, continues to experience impressive growth. Recent statistics indicate that the global esports market has exceeded $1 billion in revenue, boasting an estimated audience of over 495 million people worldwide. The substantial growth and increasing popularity of this industry offer significant opportunities for students who are seeking diverse and dynamic career paths. In this workshop, I share our positive experiences with Esports and virtual work experience projects involving sixth-form students. 


This workshop aims to foster a deep comprehension of how virtual work experience significantly contributes to cultivating a highly skilled and adaptable workforce, well-suited to excel in the digital landscape.


Roche Products Limited - 0010

Title: Harnessing AI for Sustainability and Equity


This workshop will explore the use of AI for sustainability and equity, with a particular focus on fairness auditing tools and AI for Good. Participants will learn about the ethical and governance challenges associated with AI, and they will gain practical skills in using AI to drive social and environmental change.


It will give them a clear understanding of the technology that is involved, demystifying it. It will then move onto challenges where they can audit data and models for bias and then try out several approaches to mitigate this.


Deloitte - 0011

Title: Unlocking Success through Strategic Experimentation


Having great ideas is one thing, but ensuring they become successful is another! 


Experiments help us to gain a better understanding of users, their context and provide us with real-life proof that our ideas work and are effective. In the complex environments we work in, experimenting allows us to remove uncertainty, learn and develop quickly and de-risk innovation.


This workshop aims to have Delegates understand which risky assumptions are part of their idea and how they can address them by experimenting. Nurturing a mindset in which experimenting and getting your ideas out in the world quickly is valuable and will lead to better outcomes. Eventually, the objective is to support Delegates to take action based on all inspiration, connections and ideas they get at the summit.


Ecotone - 0012

Title: Creating a True Sustainable Food Future: Empowering Youth for Food Leadership


This workshop is designed to ignite a passion for positive change among young leaders in the realm of sustainable food. With a specific focus on organic practices and plant-based options, it aims to educate and empower Delegates. Through interactive discussions, engaging activities, and real-life examples, Delegates will delve into organic plant-based food production and its potential to address environmental, health, and social challenges.

The workshop explores organic farming techniques, sustainable supply chains, and consumer awareness, enabling Delegates to become advocates for organic plant-based food and champions of a healthier and more sustainable food system.


WheelWorks Arts - 0017

Title: Be a Digital Artist!


This workshop begins with a short presentation about digital arts and technology, and how the accessibility and scalability of these mediums allow young people to turn their ideas into reality. 


In today's digital age, digital literacy is crucial for all of us; embracing digital arts and technology equips young people with the tools and resources they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.


Discover how some of these tools (e.g., cutting-edge techniques in VR/AR drawing, animation etc.) and platforms are enhancing creative expression. In the interactive part of the session, learn how to use your mobile phone to create digital art. Find out how to easily download and use applications that utilise drawing and design techniques which can be used to inspire and motivate young people. Enter a collaborative, creative digital space where you will upload individual images and work with other delegates to collectively make a large group picture; and scan objects, or each other, to create a 3D image.


By knowing and sharing how to access these digital tools, create digital content, and effectively utilise them for various purposes – e.g., visual storytelling, graphic design, and multimedia production – you will discover how to create a dynamic and interactive method of engagement that captures the attention and interests of young people everywhere.


*Smartphone or Tablet required

Allen & Overy LLP - 0013

Title: Breaking the Bias: Strategies for Improving Mental Health and Career Opportunities in the Workplace


Unconscious bias refers to the biases or prejudices that individuals hold without being consciously aware of them. These biases are ingrained attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions without us realising it. They are formed based on various factors such as personal experiences, cultural upbringing, media influences, and societal norms. These biases can have negative

consequences for our well-being, performance, and relationships at work, especially when they relate to factors such as gender, ethnicity, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

This workshop focuses on recognising unconscious biases and how to deal with them in the workplace. Key objectives are:

  • Increasing knowledge around unconscious bias and its impact on career development, perspectives and opportunities;
  • Sharing experiences around unconscious bias and its impact on mental health;
  • Developing skills and confidence to challenge and address unconscious bias in constructive and respectful ways;
  • Identifying concrete steps that can be taken to battle unconscious bias in the workplace;
  • Learning from the examples and insights of workshop facilitators and Allen & Overy partners Brechje and Hilde, will share how they have used certain tools or strategies to break the chain of unconscious bias in their practice.


Women in Banking and Finance - 0014

Title: The Future of Work


The Good Finance Framework is the output of ACT research, a unique, action-focused framework that aims to create a better work environment. 

Good Finance Framework: 

  • Brings together the ideas of the qualitative study, roundtables and over 1,700 respondents to the quantitative survey;
  • Identifies 10 themes and proposes concrete actions for organisations wanting to retain and develop talented employees. 

UTOPIA Framework:

  • Describes how best firms should transition to a new way of working;
  • Underlines the importance of trust, autonomy, psychological safety and inclusive leadership; 
  • Proposes that the future of work is flexible and determined by productivity and need. 

Overall, the Good Finance Framework encapsulates how to build more inclusive and productive financial and professional services. UTOPIA is a framework specific to the current transition towards a different way of working.


We propose a workshop to discuss these themes, understand the audience’s experience and attitudes towards them, and identify how incorporation of these themes can lead to a more equitable working environment and help to shape the future of work.


Unloc - 0015

Title: The Micro Grant Revolution: the Movement Giving Power Directly to Young People


The funding landscape is being shaken up - and a micro-grant revolution is on its way. Old models of supporting young people to drive change are being disrupted; and giving power and money directly to young people is the order of the day.


This interactive and informative workshop will explore the rise of Micro Funding (giving small grants directly to young people in order to drive social change and/or start their own venture) and the transformative impact it can have on young people’s lives and on social impact.


You’ll explore the case for giving power directly to young people, take part in interactive discussions and hear directly from inspiring young leaders who have set up their own projects, campaigns and organisations and the impact it has had on them as young leaders and their communities - all starting their journeys with a grant of less than £1000.


Siemens AG - 0016

Title: Unlocking the Power of Inclusive Education


In this workshop, we explore the various ways in which education is accessed and experienced by individuals from diverse backgrounds. Delegates actively engage in reflecting on their personal learning and growth experiences. As they disperse throughout the room, they form groups based on their responses. Once grouped, participants are provided with data illustrating how the global population's responses align with the same question. 


Through this interactive activity, Delegates gain a deeper insight into the disparities present in educational access and the paramount significance of inclusion and equity in the context of learning and education. The workshop fosters a secure and supportive environment where Delegates share their experiences, contemplate the presented data, and engage in conversations about approaches to increase the accessibility for learning and growth opportunities. ​ 


By participating in this workshop, Delegates will:​

  • Explore Disparities: Gain an eye-opening experience, unraveling the disparities that persist in educational access across diverse backgrounds.​
  • Cultivate Empathy: Develop empathy and appreciation for the various experiences of individuals with different educational backgrounds.​
  • Understand Equity's Importance: Gain insight into the paramount importance of fostering inclusion and equity in the context of education and learning.​
  • Exchange Ideas: Engage in vibrant discussions, sharing ideas and strategies that can be implemented to promote equitable access to learning and growth opportunities.


Niya - 0018


Title: From Awareness to Action: Empowering Equality and Inclusion in the Workplace

Become a champion of diversity, equity and inclusion today! 


Brainstorm practical strategies with other One Young World Delegates and gain the knowledge and tools to promote diversity, dismantle systemic barriers, and foster equality in various spheres of life.


You will walk away with actionable ways to overcome unconscious biases, develop cultural competence, address micro-aggressions, and become effective allies in the workplace. Because together we can pave the way for positive change!


AUDI - 0025

Title: Electrify Your Mindset: Discover Your Superpowers


Unleash your full potential and discover your unique superpower that contributes to creating innovative and sustainable solutions. 


At Audi, we believe in the strength and abilities that make individuals stand out. We invite you to explore and embrace your personal superpower in this workshop. Whether you're a coding genius, a problem-solving wizard, or a creative mastermind, we're here to help you develop your skills and harness your unique talents to make a difference.


Teamwork is crucial for building innovative solutions, and diversity plays a pivotal role in a team. A range of perspectives and skills is necessary to achieve goals, and that's where you come in! By embracing your superpower, you bring a fresh and unique perspective to any team, driving innovation. 


Join us in this workshop to gain new knowledge, refine your skills, and connect with like-minded young leaders. Let's uncover our superpowers together and create a lasting impact on the world.


    Integrated Education Fund - 0020

    Title: Education's Role in Peacebuilding - A Participatory Approach 


    During this workshop, participants have the opportunity to learn about how links have been made between peacebuilding and education in Northern Ireland, emphasising the importance of empowering communities to encourage engagement and participative democracy in change and reconciliation processes with a particular focus on divided and/or diverse societies.


    Through interactive debate and small group conversations, the participants have a chance to reflect on, discuss and share their own experiences on education systems and the celebrations of diversity within societies, contributing to the shaping of ‘5 priorities for education and peace’. The ‘5 priorities for education and peace’ reflect good practice in terms of participatory approaches to the question of how can education systems and practice contribute to reconciliation in diverse societies, in particular those experiencing violent or non-violent conflict and division?


    The workshop is organised by the Integrated Education Fund (IEF) with support from the Integrated AlumNI, a network of pupils who have attended Integrated schools, allowing participants to hear directly from those who have direct experience of Integrated Education in Northern Ireland. 


    Fresh Perspectives! - 0021

    Title: Innovation for Impact – Unleash Your Teams’ and Your Own Creative Potential to Solve Problems


    Are you a leader in your domain or organisation who is currently tackling new challenges with a diverse team?  Do you feel trapped in the same old thought patterns and predictable outputs and wish to break free into uncharted waters? 

    If so, we invite you and your teammates to our interactive and fun “Innovation for Impact” session to practise easy and proven ways to bring fresh perspectives to new challenges and incorporate these techniques into your own problem-solving and leadership tool bag. 


    No prior knowledge or specific skill set required!


    Join us to learn more about innovation behaviours and innovative methodologies and gain first-hand experience applying these as you either tackle a challenge on SDG 4 “Education” or 13 “Climate Action” (provided by us) or you tackle one of your own.


    Connect with the Delegates at your table to develop new ideas and turn them into a concept to make an impact. Along the way, you will gain valuable knowledge and skills in areas such as innovation, creative problem-solving and concept development. This session aims to help you jump-start your problem-solving leadership journey and allow you to facilitate for large groups even, but also prepares you for any individual innovation endeavours. 


    McKinsey Health Institute - 0022

    Title: Mind the Gap: How We Can Close the Mental Health Gap for Youth


    Mental health conditions are a top 3 contributor to disease burden globally, yet is one of the most underfunded, underinvested conditions globally. More importantly, mental health conditions disproportionally affect the youth, with about 75% of conditions occurring before the age of 25.


    The objectives of this workshop are to increase participants’ understanding of mental health challenges and explore how the younger generations can make an impact in their spheres of influence (e.g., work, school, civil society).


    Benefits for delegates are insights, facts, and dialogue on the next steps


    BMW AG - 0004

    Title: The Future is CIRCULAR


    Circular Economy is one of the key topics in today’s society. There is a lot of focus on its impact, especially on CO2 emissions and the implications for product design and material choice. But what requirements does a company have in the workforce to implement a circular mindset? What competencies are needed? How can we take our employees and partners to a level where they understand the need for circularity and take action themselves? How can we leverage the themes of Circular Economy to maximise the positive impact on society? 


    This workshop aims to provide Delegates an understanding of circular principles and the impact of Circular Economy, as well as to reflect on how a company can make sure that these competencies are recruited, developed in the own company, and imparted into the partner processes. 

    Bureau Elody - 0019

    Title: Amplifying Influence: Mastering Public Affairs and Lobbying Strategies


    One Young World Ambassadors have amazing energy and the drive to change the world. 


    This workshop helps them achieve their goals by applying public affairs and lobbying skills. Every successful lobby starts with a great story, a thorough stakeholder analysis, and the skill to understand what matters most to your key stakeholders. 



    • Part I - How public affairs, stakeholder management and lobbying can help you achieve your goals
    • Part II - The five building blocks that are the foundation of every public affairs strategy
    • Part III - Drafting a thorough stakeholder analysis

    Wednesday 4th October

    HSBC - 0023

    Title: Reducing Inequality in Technology: How can Corporations and Change Makers Collaborate?


    Gender inequality is a persistent problem in the technology industry. Women are underrepresented in both leadership positions and the workforce as a whole. According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology, only 27% of the computing workforce is made up of women. This gender gap is even wider at the executive level, where women hold only 11% of C-suite positions in the technology industry.


    Since OYW Summit 2022, delegates from HSBC and imagi have partnered to promote technology education amongst underrepresented groups to address inequalities in the technology industry.


    In light of the success of this collaboration, imagi and HSBC now hope to share their story. With the aim of empowering future delegates to leverage opportunities at One Young World for networking and forming impactful alliances, this collaborative effort seeks to share insights from both corporate a change-maker perspectives. The goal is to facilitate the ideation of mutually beneficial partnership opportunities that drive positive change in society.


    To achieve this, the workshop will teach about existing initiatives and strategies for improving diversity and equal access to technology education. Through brainstorming and ideation between like-minded corporations and change-makers, we hope delegates will leave with the foundations of new partnerships aimed at generating positive impact and change in the real world.


    Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful - 0024

    Title: Climate Clever Communities


    Across countries and regions, the development of a network of climate action plans is essential as we raise awareness about climate change, encourage community climate action in the form of mitigation and adaption and work with and within communities to plan a local response to our changing global climate.


    This highly interactive workshop helps prepare you for this change! As you engage in the process of being informed and challenged, you are actively making judgments and agreements both individually and as a group. This process helps enhance your leadership and decision-making skills, ultimately benefiting your community.


    The workshop raises confidence in terms of climate change knowledge, develop a sense of agency in response to the challenge ahead, provide a gamified experience of climate action and offer the opportunity to work with others in starting to prioritise a scenario based, community climate action plan. Come join the fun!


    USAID - 0026

    Title: Inclusive Development and Social Inclusion in International Development


    Life isn't the same for all people, even if they share common identity characteristics. There are varying levels of power and privilege associated with identities, and in an effort to create workplaces, environments, and programmes that are respectful, inclusive, and safe, we must take this into account. 


    The Inclusive Development Workshop explores concepts related to Inclusive Development and Social Inclusion. Inclusive development is the concept that every person, regardless of identity, is instrumental in the transformation of their societies, and that inclusive approaches lead to better outcomes. 


    This workshop investigates identity, power, and privilege – key concepts in understanding inclusive development and encourages Delegates to make a commitment to inclusive development and promote inclusion in their workplaces, programmes, and partnerships.


    Brunswick - 0027

    Title: The Role of Business on Critical Societal Issues


    On defining issues dominating global agendas – from climate change to inequality and global health to responsible tech – people have traditionally looked to government and charity. They now also look to business. 


    New expectations demand that today’s business leaders create more than financial value. They must demonstrate positive contributions to the issues that matter most to their broader stakeholder base.


    But how and where do they start? How do they navigate competing priorities to maximise profits for shareholders and create social value beyond the business? Are these priorities even competing? And what does this all look like in practice?


    This workshop delves into the expectations and ingredients of modern business leadership today, and asks Delegates to think creatively and critically about how business can play a positive role in society – as well as how, as young leaders, we can help shape the role of business into the future.


    Deutsche Bahn AG - 0028

    Title: Mobility Hubs: Transforming Cities for Sustainable Futures


    Cities are at the edge of their limits – both capacitively and ecologically. The quality of life suffers the most, followed by the economic downsides. Established transport companies, equipment OEM’s and scientific institutions are working on highly efficient mobility concepts to avoid the collapse of humans and traffic in the future.


    But which solutions do we need and which projects are already taking place? And what are the challenges?


    Learn about a key part of the sustainable and efficient mobility concept of today and tomorrow – the mobility hub. Understand how to build a mobility hub from scratch and what kind of pillars in a mobility concept are necessary to succeed.


    Slip into the perspective of various stakeholders and look at this innovation from their point of view. What is their motivation? What are their needs? Benefit from learning how to use personas in your daily work as it is a commonly used method to understand user requirements.


    Be part of the development process of a vital component for sustainable city models. We are giving you the possibility to exchange knowledge about the approach of different countries and how to establish different mobility hub concepts.


    Join us and help improve the quality of life in our smart cities of the future.


    Delegates gain practical insights on conceptualising mobility hub concepts and evaluate them from different perspectives.


    They have the chance to bring in their own experiences and learn from existing frameworks.


    Learn about a key part of the sustainable and efficient mobility concept of today and tomorrow – the mobility hub. Understand how to build a mobility hub from scratch and what kind of pillars in a mobility concept are necessary to succeed. Slip into the perspective of various stakeholders and look at this innovation from their point of view. What is their motivation? What are their needs? Benefit from learning how to use personas in your daily work as it is a commonly used method to understand user requirements. Be part of the development process of a vital component for sustainable city models. We are giving you the possibility to exchange knowledge about the approach of different countries how to establish different mobility hub concepts.


    Sanofi - 0029

    Title: A Million Conversations: How We Can Build a More Inclusive Healthcare System?


    Health is our most precious asset. Yet all around the world people from marginalised groups are losing trust in healthcare providers, feeling judged, discriminated against. or not feeling listened to. These experiences have damaged the trust of women, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people. The consequences can be devastating: avoiding visits to the doctor or refusing vaccines - distrust in healthcare costs lives. 


    If we’re going to build a more inclusive healthcare system, we need to deploy the talents of the world’s youth. This workshop therefore empowers Delegates to learn about the challenges of healthcare inequality, share their own experiences, and develop solutions that can be implemented in their own communities. 


    The workshop will host a discussion about the role that education and representation can play in rebuilding trust with patients of all backgrounds, and how this can help achieve SDGs 3, 4, 5 and 10: Good Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Reduced Inequality. 


    The workshop is a key part of Sanofi’s “A Million Conversations” initiative. It aims to empower conversations with marginalised communities, invest in their education via a world-first Scholarship, and influence change through partnerships. Young scholars from this initiative will help facilitate the workshop. 


    Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission - 0030

    Title: Human rights: What do They Mean for Me?


    In this interactive workshop, the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission gives you a flavour of how human rights are for everyone, including you!


    This workshop looks at some of the basic human rights we have and why they are important. We navigate how sports, climate change and business all have human rights dimensions, touching on many of the high-profile issues currently in the news.


    You also get to know about our role as a National Human Rights Institution to promote and protect human rights. We encourage discussion and questions from all of our Delegates as we look to highlight the link between human rights and many of the issues we see in the world around us, such as homelessness, racism, poverty, mental health, children's rights and more.


    So join us and empower yourself!


    Z Zurich Foundation - 0032

    Title: Amplifying Voices: Youth Advocacy for impactful Mental Wellbeing programming

    Attendees profile: Youth leaders working in the mental well-being and/or advocacy and communication space, those with experience in working with government representatives or advocacy-focused civil society organisations. 


    This workshop focuses on how youth can resort to advocacy strategies (in their school, community, region, toward local government) to influence changes in policy, attitudes and behaviours towards youth mental well-being.


    The workshop sheds light upon youth empowerment to speak up, existing youth-based advocacy mechanisms and innovations (e.g. digital campaigning) and possible obstacles for creating impact out of those initiatives.


    An emphasis is put on which partnerships could best support system-level change through advocacy to promote youth mental well-being and prevent mental health conditions from emerging in the first place – broadening up the scope of actors engaged to create impact at scale.


    Participants get the chance to learn about possible youth-led advocacy initiatives for youth mental well-being, hear from peers about successes and lessons learnt, share their experiences to generate impact and initiate new partnerships with advocacy experts.


    Attendees take away conceptual and practical learnings from youth-for-youth advocacy initiatives to apply to their existing programs and future work. Plus, new partnership opportunities will emerge out of exchanges with multiple stakeholders.


    IKEA - 0041

    Title: Revitalising Urban Spaces: Building Resilient Communities for a Sustainable Future


    Gain expertise about the “complete” neighbourhood model that prioritises social diversity, mixed-use buildings & green spaces.

    Understand business, NGO and city priorities for redevelopment and the challenges that come with this. 


    Develop innovative and replicable solutions that transform urban spaces into green & thriving neighbourhoods. 

    The objectives of this workshop are: 

    • To provide a space to speak candidly about the challenges of transforming urban spaces and promoting resilience in all our communities /neighbourhoods, including upcoming trends or policies;
    • To share innovative ideas and discover how to transform urban spaces in cities.
    • To build upon common ground and shared climate goals between businesses, NGOs and academies across the globe; identify replicable global solutions and opportunities for collaboration in the short and medium term.


    Fordham University - 0031

    Title: En-ROADS Workshop: Empower, Explore, and Take Control of Climate's Role Through Dynamic Simulation 


    The En-ROADS Climate Workshop is an interactive group exercise guided by an En-ROADS Ambassador, where people work together to test solutions for addressing climate change. In the workshop, Delegates use En-ROADS, an interactive climate simulator built with MIT Sloan, to test the impact of global climate policies and solutions. 


    The goal of the workshop is to create a scenario using En-ROADS that limits global warming to well below 2°C levels which was defined as the international goal formally recognised in the Paris climate agreement.


    The workshop is conducted in two parts. First, Delegates discuss their own climate actions and use the En-ROADS simulation model to learn about the global impact if their actions were to spread worldwide. Then, the group determines what else is needed to meet their climate goals and collectively build a climate scenario in En-ROADS together, striving to limit warming to below 2°C. Second, Delegates engage in a rich debriefing discussion to explore their feelings, insights, and actions. 


    The workshop is designed to ground Delegates in the best available science on climate change and delve into difficult questions with help from the En-ROADS Ambassador. Delegates will emerge empowered and informed about the challenges of climate change.

    Nunam - 0033

    Title: Powering Sustainable Mobility: Unlocking the Potential of Lithium-ion Batteries


    The environmental impact on Lithium-ion batteries that are growing exponentially for electric mobility is in the spotlight – for the right reasons! 


    In an open-minded and interactive format, we share how these batteries can be utilised in an environmentally sound way during their life in the vehicle, in a 2nd life as stationary storage, and then for recycling. 


    We show innovative approaches to address the challenges with real-life examples of our projects and experiences over the last few years, as well as the role and opportunity of these upcoming amounts of Lithium-ion batteries in our energy system. Delegates are encouraged to share their opinions as well, calculate energy requirements, and explore how they can be met with batteries. We also add facts, figures, and the current state of technology.


    League of Intrapreneurs - 0034

    Title: Empowering Intrapreneurship - How to Lead Change from Your Work Desk?


    There is no road map or a predefined pathway for the innovation we need to meet the SDGs by 2030.


    We have to go beyond anything we know. We have to ask important questions, connect with unlikely allies, and we have to learn to navigate this uncharted, fast moving territory.


    That is why the League of Intrapreneurs published the Intrapreneurs Guide to Pathfinding, lovingly co-created by the League of Intrapreneurs community - senior intrapreneurs representing diverse sectors and ecosystems.


    In our workshop, we draw inspiration from this book to guide our conversations. During this workshop, we focus on three areas:

    • Inspiration - Learn from successful stories of intrapreneurs and draw out the complex skills intrapreneurs need to succeed.
    • Reflection - Reflect on the territory in which you innovate and connect your day job to what you would like to positively impact in the world.
    • Practice Define your idea into a 60s pitch and share with others in a group breakout.


    The session aims to empower intrapreneurs to step into their power and lead the change they want to see from within their work desk. It portrays all the necessary elements to be aware of when intrapreneuring. 


    Future Generations Commissioner for Wales - 0035

    Title: Becoming a Future Generations Change Maker


    Join global experts in future generations!


    This workshop is a must for those who want to build a better future for those not yet born. Building on the momentum at the United Nations for establishing future generations mechanisms - there is a real opportunity for individuals, communities and governments globally to make a difference.


    In partnership with the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales and the Unlock the Future Coalition, convened by the UN Foundation, Foundations for Tomorrow has created a rapid-fire and easy to access program to empower emerging leaders (15 - 35 years old) as advocates for future generations. 


    This workshop will explore some of the tools you can use!


    WAVE Trauma Centre - 0036

    Title: Making Invisible Trauma, Visible


    This workshop is aimed at educating participants about the signs and symptoms of psychological trauma. The objective is to enhance attendees' awareness of the far-reaching impact of trauma on individuals. By equipping students with a better understanding of trauma, they can carry this knowledge beyond the workshop into their communities, thus fostering a broader understanding of trauma's effects on people's lives.


    The workshop will cover the following key areas:


    • Understanding the neurological responses during trauma.
    • Exploring the physiological effects of trauma on the body.
    • Recognising the observable signs and symptoms of trauma.
    • Examining how trauma can influence families and communities.

    Our aim is to promote widespread awareness of trauma-informed practices, extending their reach beyond the conference room and into various parts of the world, where they can provide practical assistance to countless individuals.


    Community Relations Council - 0037

    Title: Dialogue Unlocked: Breaking Barriers in a Post-Conflict Society


    The Community Relations Council and Partisan Productions present a Forum Theatre workshop exploring ways to create a suitable safe space for effective dialogue within a deeply divided and fragile society; to unlock dialogue and disagree without conflict.


    A small group of actors play out a short scenario and then invite those present to intervene - allowing the incidents of the play to be debated, re-worked and tested by the audience who can direct, and even volunteer with, the improvisational actors to seek better outcomes.


    The scenarios to be presented are drawn directly from the actors’ experiences of their local socio-political, cultural and moral environment. Their environment rests on communal divisions, where political capital and resources can depend on maintaining those divisions. The workshop is informed by the performers own understanding of the patterns of exclusion and deprivation underpinning communities.


    The forum theatre method offers participants a safe platform to communicate and share their own understanding and experiences of racism, sectarianism and bullying. They will explore ways to safely challenge discriminatory or oppressive behaviour within a home environment. This process is specifically designed to provide a skillset for young adults attempting to step beyond their own social, political and cultural norms. It offers a useful framework for participants to develop confidence in their own autonomy, within their own environments. 


    Concentrix - 0038

    Title: Transforming The Conversation Around Mental Health: Global Simulation Game


    This workshop is designed for young people to explore mental health through an innovative and unexpected lens, breaking down expectations of how to solve this global problem. 


    Beginning with a contextual introduction where I  draw on my personal journey creating the mental wellness platform, KeepAppy, that was successfully acquired by global company Concentrix. Delegates then are invited to challenge the narrative around mental health, identifying the ‘super powers’ mental illness can create for people – such as empathy, compassion & resiliency. 


    The core activity of this workshop is like a simulation styled activity, where Delegates are asked to create new ways to fight the stigma around a hypothetical physical illness (Blue Spots Syndrome) in a hypothetical world where those with this illness experience extreme prejudices in society, mirroring the reality of mental health stigma. Teams will brainstorm entrepreneurial solutions to tackle this stigma, encouraging creative problem-solving, teamwork & decision making skills. Concluding with team presentations and finally, a Q&A session. 


    Thrive Future CIC - 0039

    Title: Educating for Gender Equality and Combating Stranger Harassment


    Stranger harassment is a pervasive form of gender-based violence that disproportionately affects women and minority and marginalised groups, impacting the right of every individual to feel safe in their day-to-day lives. According to a TUC polling of over 4,500 workers, at least half of those who had experienced stranger harassment at work had been subject to the behaviour three or more times, and yet less than 50% of those reported the most recent incident to their employer.


    Encounters of stranger harassment are often so normalised and engrained in the social fabric of public life that these ‘everyday’ incidents are rarely named as harassment. In this workshop, we will explore the power of education and awareness raising in tackling these issues, and the role of the workplace as a site for that education. This will include; education on harmful behaviours, how to be an active bystander, being aware of myths vs. facts, developing an understanding of the impact of harassment, and how to strengthen workplace harassment prevention policies.


    Sandoz / Novartis - 0040

    Title: Mastering Stakeholder Management 


    In any pursuit of a goal, stakeholders play a crucial role. Without effective stakeholder management, achieving alignment becomes challenging. 


    Imagine trying to construct a rollercoaster in a city centre – it wouldn't gain approval from powerful stakeholders. The practice of stakeholder management involves harmonising, influencing, and finding pathways toward shared objectives. These goals could span from introducing a better office coffee machine to constructing a valley-spanning bridge or enhancing societal well-being. As the significance of stakeholders beyond shareholders grows, the responsibility to manage and impact broader economic and natural contexts increases. 


    Let's refine our stakeholder management skills. Discover how to identify, map, and engage with diverse stakeholders. Gain insights into how stakeholder management can propel you toward success. The workshop emphasises hands-on learning. It benefits NGOs, small businesses, corporations, and individuals alike.


    Pernod Ricard - 0042

    Title: Alcohol Prevention: Reaching the Gen Z to Inspire More Conscious Consumption


    In this workshop, world leader in wine and spirits, alongside top advertising agency Buzzman and professional strategic trainer from Expression for growth, Delegates reflect together on the question of alcohol prevention and the importance of universality when it comes to prevention. 


    The workshop first focuses on advertising and campaigns, and the notion that good, creative advertising sells ideas and not products. This is particularly important when it comes to alcohol prevention and the promotion of responsible drinking. It looks at how advertising can serve prevention, as well as other tools that can be used, especially when it comes to responsible drinking which is not always an easy topic to reach young adults with. It requires more creativity in order to successfully reach this audience; to first educate and then inspire a change in behaviour.


    The workshop is in two parts, first enabling delegates to understand the context and look at different examples of prevention campaigns, influential advertisements and different tools and means that can be applied to reach this audience. The workshop looks at the campaign DRINK MORE WATER and discusses how to reach the hard-to-get target of the Generation Z, especially on topic such as alcohol prevention, and delegates can share their own experience and ideas on how prevention can become more appealing and more universal amongst this audience.


    During the second part, delegates contribute to generate concrete ideas and solutions on how to take current prevention efforts to the next step to create a cultural shift towards conscious consumption and how the shift can be measured. This encourages them to think of how young adults can become engaged around the topic of responsible drinking and how campaigns can have a strong influence to inspire a change in behaviour. They also think about how impact can be measured or evaluated in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the campaigns used. 


    Through proven methodologies for brainstorming and idea generation, the delegates are asked to think about the power of advertising and how this can be used to create a positive impact amongst the Gen Z. Not only do delegates gain an insight into the importance of engaging with an audience when it comes to prevention, they can also contribute to improving how we reach young adults and how responsible drinking can be better promoted to empower them to make responsible choices when it comes to alcohol. In parallel, they discover methods for collective thinking and idea building, and are encouraged to share their own knowledge in order to build together a change in prevention.


    And it won’t stop there! Throughout the summit DRINK MORE WATER has a stand where the reflection and ideas can develop. We can continue to write the story on prevention together and build on the big bright ideas created during the workshop. Delegates can see their ideas flourish further during the week and follow the journey of creating impactful and inspiring prevention campaigns contributing to a more responsible future for young adults.


    Zurich NEXT - 0064

    Title: Grassroots: How to Create A Positive Impact from Within a Corporation


    NEXT is a grassroots movement within Zurich promoting intergenerational dialogue. Our goal is to give a voice to new generations to future-proof the corporation with regards to its role as a service provider, employer, and corporate citizen. 


    NEXT is shaping Zurich’s legacy globally! We give a voice to new generations, to future-proof Zurich together. We would like to give Delegates an overview of our approach, organisation, strategy and show them the possibility to implement similar concepts in the companies they work. 


    In addition, we want to show how important it is that younger generations also get a voice and the right to participate. We are convinced that we can motivate young leaders to get involved in such concepts in addition to their daily work.


    In the interactive part we would like to discuss topics such as: 


    • Sponsoring vs. Supporting
    • Virtual interaction vs. in person interaction
    • Structured grassroot movement
    • Community Building: Global led vs. locally led
    • Effective engagement within the company
    • Maintaining alumni engagement

     We are convinced these are the most important factors to successfully implement a grassroots movement. Therefore, Delegates can benefit from our experience and discussion.

    Jonathan Puerta Pereira - 0043

    Title: Demystifying AI: From the Basics to Its Impact in Economy and Society


    What does AI mean for my business, social enterprise, or project? That's what we are going to find out in this workshop.


    The AI hype is all over the place and it's marked by both optimistic perspectives where AI will increase productivity and create greater levels of development, to the pessimistic viewpoint where AI will displace human labour and attempt against humanity.


    In this workshop, we lift the curtain on this AI hype and show how basic tools from economics provide clarity about the AI revolution and a basis for action for entrepreneurs, employees, investors, and policymakers. While the impact of AI is and will be greatly profound, the economic framework for understanding it is simple.


    By taking a grounded and realistic perspective, throughout this workshop, you will transform your understanding of AI and how businesses and industries will be impacted by AI. The workshop will provide practical tools to design business strategies and decisions based on AI.

    Thursday 5th October

    Bayer AG - 0045

    Title: Healthcare (Youth) Sounding Board - Shaping Talent Development + Accelerating Impact Together


    Establishing and maintaining well-operating healthcare systems is a key component to tackling our great societal changes all over the world – implying an increasing competition for young talents in a VUCA world.


    At the same time, needs and wants of individuals working in the healthcare sector evolve moving through life, and new generations prove to have different drivers where curiosity and life-work balance surpass the aspiration for pre-defined linear career paths. As of today, the healthcare industry is not ready to cater those drivers as overall talent development is mainly siloed and intra-company/hospital/insurance paths are very predictable.


    As a collective force, (young) employees from the healthcare sector have extraordinary potential to mobilise and influence tangible, positive change.


    In this workshop we want to find out how we can best use our collective voice to turn competition of siloed companies for young talents into an aquarium of intra-industry opportunities - aspiring healthcare as ONE Talent Ecosystem that sustainably serves the care of human health.


    Tourism Northern Ireland - 0047

    Title: Peace and Prosperity - the Benefits of Tourism in a Post-Conflict Society

    Tourism as a Beneficiary of Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and a Driver of Stability and Economic Opportunity for All.


    In the 25 years since the Good Friday Agreement, tourism stands out as a major beneficiary of peace in Northern Ireland. The industry is now at the forefront of economic success and is, in turn, helping to deliver the stable conditions for lasting peace by creating opportunities for employment, particularly for young people. There are 9,432 hotel bedrooms compared to 4,900 in 1998.


    The sector has seen £1 billion of investment in the last 20 years, around £50 million per annum with a possible £300m more by 2025. Out of state spend on tourism grew from £217m to £731m in the same time period. Major capital investments in the last 25 years include:


    • Titanic Belfast
    • Giant’s Causeway Visitor Centre
    • Walled City of Derry
    • Christian Heritage / St Patrick’s Trail
    • Mournes Coastal Route
    • Crumlin Road Gaol
    • Game of Thrones Exhibition
    • Foyle Peace Bridge
    • HMS Caroline
    • SS Nomadic
    • The Gobbins Coastal Path
    • Ulster Museum


    Attracting major events to Northern Ireland has also been a key element of the country’s tourism strategy over the last decade. These have included;


    • 2012, 2014 & 2016 – Irish Open golf tournaments in Newcastle and North Coast
    • 2013 - Derry ~ Londonderry, inaugural UK City of Culture
    • 2013 – G8 in Fermanagh
    • 2013 – World Police & Fire Games
    • 2014 - Giro d’Italia
    • 2016 – Year of Food & Drink
    • 2019 – The Open, Royal Portrush (returning in 2025)


    Rethinking Conflict - 0048

    Title: Living in a ‘Post-Conflict’ Society


    This workshop introduces Delegates to some of the issues facing young people in Northern Ireland today, particularly those related to legacy issues and the region's status as a 'post-conflict society.'


    The workshop aims to: 

    • Acknowledge the enduring impact of the conflict in NI and its present-day effects.
    • Examine the consequences of a stalled government on reform.
    • Discuss ways to transition society from a post-conflict definition, especially when Northern Ireland's constitutional status is still uncertain (e.g., the possibility of a border poll). 


    The goal is to move beyond the labels of a divided past and foster a genuine shared future. The structure of the workshop is based on the three pillars of restorative justice: identifying harm, understanding obligations, and engaging communities.


    Money Bites - 0049

    Title: Money Bites: Make your Money Count


    If you’ve been challenged to think about your role and career direction during the summit and have been left wondering how to make a positive impact; then this workshop is for you. 

    This workshop explores how we can use the money we earn from our day jobs to improve the world. This includes the banking products we use, the goods and services we fuel with our cash as consumers and how to contribute our money, skills and time to causes we care about. 


    Translink - 0050

    Title: The Climate of Public Transport In Northern Ireland


    By committing to becoming net-zero by 2040 and climate-positive by 2050, Translink is paving the way and actively setting an example by introducing electric and hydrogen vehicles to its fleet in Northern Ireland.


    The workshop will start with a live demonstration of Translink’s zero-emission vehicles, providing delegates with an opportunity to board a zero-emission vehicle and see both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. A Translink facilitator will show delegates the unique features of a zero-emission vehicle.


    Translink is confident in its ability to host a workshop examining the future of public transport and the role young people have in paving the way to inspire and motivate people in society to take action to combat climate change. There will be a Translink workshop facilitator who will be able to guide the delegates throughout the duration of the workshop and work with the breakout groups.


    The workshop will have a specific focus on:


    1. Climate change with the introduction of electric vehicle infrastructure across the bus and train network in Northern Ireland. The workshop will give delegates the tools and understanding of how young people play a crucial role in changing travel patterns within society and the role they play in creating positive change.


    2. How to build strong partnerships with local authorities and communities to meet these ambitious milestones and promote social value whilst nurturing these relationships.


    3. What needs to change in the Northern Ireland/UK Transport industry?


    DMFA - 0051

    Title: The most powerful innovation tool in the world!


    The Next Lab is all about today's and tomorrow’s challenges. About (online) collaboration, innovation and design sprints. We are also about fast-forwarding applied innovation, sharing knowledge, and making a lasting impact. About energy and about doing!! Our mission is to empower you to quickly adapt and continuously improve. So, do you want to get access to our most powerful innovation tool in the world? Please join us to get acquainted with the Focus Sprint Methodology. We will inspire you to increase your impact in tackling the world’s wicked problems using entrepreneurial skills and empower you to expand your skill set!


    *exclusively available to DMFA Scholars


    PwC - 0052

    Title: Driving Change: Unleashing the Potential of Charity Campaigns


    This workshop aims to empower Delegates with the knowledge and tools to create their own impactful charity campaigns using generative AI and various technologies. Delegates draw inspiration from Peter McCleave's experiences as the founder of “10000 donors” and his struggles in finding a match due to ethnic minorities and mixed backgrounds being severely underrepresented in the global stem cell registry.


    The workshop focuses on using big ideas for good causes and leveraging technology to run effective charity campaigns that drive change. Our facilitators are experienced charity campaigners who have worked with corporates, charities, and different community groups. They lead Delegates through three work streams, guiding them from idea brainstorming to implementing plans, culminating in a 3-minute pitch for sharing their proposals.


    With the skills and experiences gained from this exercise, the audience should feel more comfortable putting good causes into action, as it breaks down barriers in launching campaigns using technology.


    Holcim - 0062

    Title: #BuildingForPeace: Exploring Innovative and Sustainable Housing Solutions for Displaced Communities 


    For 103 million people displaced today, conflict, violence, persecution, and climate disasters have deprived them of a place to call home. Displaced people often end up spending years or even decades in shelters with inadequate living conditions. 


    Holcim and the Norman Foster Foundation have partnered to develop the Essential Homes Research Project to enhance the livelihoods of some of the most vulnerable populations. 


    In this workshop hosted by Holcim, Norman Foster Foundation and scholars working in the frontline with refugees, Delegate learn about the challenges faced by displaced people and the urgent need for innovative housing solutions. The group exchange and develop ideas that they can implement to make their cities and settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.


    Jonathan Puerta Pereira - 0065

    Title: Desmitificando la IA: Fundamentos Básicos y Su Impacto en la Economía y la Sociedad (Session in Spanish)

    ¿Qué implica la IA para mi negocio, empresa social o proyecto? Eso es lo que vamos a descubrir en este taller. El auge acerca de la IA está por todas partes y está marcado por tanto las perspectivas optimistas en las que la IA aumentará la productividad y creará mayores niveles de desarrollo, como por la mirada pesimista donde la IA desplazará a los humanos en el trabajo y atentará contra la humanidad.


    En este taller eliminaremos todo ese ruido alrededor de la IA y mostraremos cómo herramientas básicas de economía aportan claridad sobre la revolución de la IA y ayudan a empresarios, emprendedores, empleados, e inversionistas a tomar acciones. Aunque el impacto de la IA es y será bastante considerable, el marco conceptual para entenderlo es sencillo.


    Al adoptar una perspectiva realista y aterrizada, a lo largo de este taller esperamos que transforme su comprensión de la IA y de cómo las empresas y las industrias se verán afectadas por ella. El taller proporcionará herramientas prácticas para diseñar estrategias y decisiones de negocio basadas en la IA.


    Youth Link NI - 0057

    Title: Together Pursuing the Common Good 


    Youth Link: NI was founded over 30 years ago, in 1991, as a commitment by the four largest Christian Churches to demonstrate their willingness to work together, during very difficult days in Northern Ireland. The organisation aimed to support young people and youth work practitioners, to be agents of transformation in a significantly divided society. 


    Since the signing of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement in 1998, there has been much progress made towards peace in Northern Ireland, particularly with a substantial reduction in violence. However, there have also been many difficult and challenging periods to navigate over these years, that have threatened this process of rebuilding relationships. We are currently experiencing multiple challenges that is causing old tensions to resurface, and new issues to emerge. 


    Youth Link are reflecting on our learning over these past three decades, and are considering how we can best support churches, communities, and young people to reframe how they view social issues, and reimagine what peaceful, flourishing communities look like, that are rooted in principles of the common good. 


    This workshop will introduce young leaders from diverse contexts around the world to ASPIRE, the approach that Youth Link have developed, based on our learning in Northern Ireland. 


    In this workshop Youth Link: NI will provide the space and opportunity for young leaders to:


    • Reflect on what everyday peace means to them, in their different contexts.
    • Consider what/who can be disrupters to peace, and why. 
    • Experience a sample of practical tools to help reframe challenging issues and conversations, that broaden perspectives. 

    KPMG - 0046

    Title: Impactful Connections: Building Professional Networks to Drive Positive Change


    Unlock the power of professional networks to drive change in social and environmental challenges. Join our transformative workshop and learn from the impactful case study of KPMG Leaders 2050.




    a) Understand the pivotal role of professional networks in addressing social and environmental issues.

    b) Explore the success story of KPMG Leaders 2050 and gain insights for your own endeavours.

    c) Develop practical strategies for building and expanding impactful networks.

    d) Engage in interactive exercises and collaborative activities.

    e) Learn from experienced facilitators and acquire effective network-building tips.


    Empower yourself as a change agent and unlock the potential of your professional network. Join our workshop to make a lasting difference in your community and beyond.

    Bühler Group, Deloitte, Siemens AG - 0053

    Title: Working in Corporates: Selling your Soul or Driving Impact?


    Can we change the system from the inside? Making a positive impact through corporations is not an easy task. Conflicting interests, difficult stakeholders and profit-driven company strategies create barriers to driving meaningful change, especially for young employees. Frequent barriers can also lead to feelings of cynicism and loneliness.


    In this workshop we will present an example of how change-makers across the Swiss Private Sector unite together in the Alliance 4 Corporate Change (A4CC), to inspire each other by sharing achievements and approaches to driving change in organisations, collaborating on impactful projects and holding each other accountable for progress.


    Following the introduction to the A4CC, participants will follow the A4CC approach, by first identifying the key levers and hurdles to driving positive change in their organisations and then brainstorming solutions together.


    Across the Swiss Private Sector unite together in the Alliance 4 Corporate Change (A4CC), to inspire each other by sharing achievements and approaches to driving change in organisations, collaborating on impactful projects and holding each other accountable for progress. Following the introduction to the A4CC, participants will follow the A4CC approach, by first identifying the key levers and hurdles to driving positive change in their organisations and then brainstorming solutions together.


    AstraZeneca + UNICEF - 0054

    Title: Advocating for A Cause: Turning Passion into Action - A Workshop Led by the Team behind UNICEF’s Youth Advocacy Guide


    Inspired by young people with different lived experiences and a shared passion for making positive change, the Youth Advocacy Guide (YAG) is a youth-focused resource that aims to support users along their personal advocacy journeys. 


    This resource is intended to help any advocate working in any field navigate and advocate for change. Think of the Guide as a young person’s ally as they work to leave their mark on the world. It aims to lead users through the process of advocacy, fact-finding, planning, communicating, pitching messages, engaging with policy, building, and fostering networks and allyships, making individual lifestyle choices including caring for one’s own mental wellness, and developing advocacy plans. It combines clear ‘how to’ steps with inspirational stories from other young people who are striving to bring about change.


    The Guide is accompanied by a workplan that invites users to apply the skills highlighted in the YAG to help develop their specific advocacy projects. Training also offers the opportunity to find inspiration in case studies and examples (including real-life stories from advocates around the world), learn from each other’s unique experiences with advocacy through discussions and small group activities that reflect profound respect for the diversity of perspectives in the group, and to use and grow their individual advocacy skills by applying them to their advocacy goal in their personalised workplan.


    The training starts by focusing on the youth advocate and understanding their personal stories and connections to the advocacy issue, while also familiarizing them with key concepts and terms related to advocacy and the Youth Advocacy Guide. We then move to discuss the people and resources surrounding the advocate, allowing the advocate to better form, join and interact with different networks and develop allyships, as well as learn skills to better communicate their advocacy issue and goals. Finally, we end the training by exploring the potential actions an advocate might take as part of their plan to act on their advocacy journey. The UNICEF Youth Advocacy Guide is used as a source document which supports this training and is the core content source.


    The proposed session seeks to provide a “bite-sized” version of the longer YAG training, which is traditionally run over three days. The session takes key elements of the core YAG training and condense them into participatory learning eXperiences, allowing Delegates to get a taste of the training in an interactive way. 


    The session is designed to help the Youth Advocacy Guide comes alive and allow Delegates to have confidence in their passion for change and understand how advocacy can be a part of their everyday life. The interactive activity creates a space for Delegates to explore their advocacy passions and vision for their work by developing an advocacy statement, that then to be shared with the group. This also allows for networking between Delegates and discussion on next steps for their advocacy work.


    Octopreneur Intelligence - 0055

    Title: Breaking Biases, Embracing Equality: Unleashing the Power of Personality for Inclusive Decision-Making


    In this workshop, we embark on an enlightening journey, delving into the depths of our biases and their impact on decision-making, both consciously and subconsciously. We dive into the science of personalities, uncovering how they can predict our actions and behaviors, and we explore how to leverage this knowledge to make better decisions in the workplace. 


    PeacePlayers Northern Ireland - 0056

    Title: Play Together, Live Together: Conflict Transformation On and Off the Court - Creating the Next Generation of Peacemakers 


    The workshop aims to inspire and equip Delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to foster peace, understanding, and empathy in their communities. 


    This workshop is designed to explore the concept of peace-building through sports and the transformative power it holds. Delegates engages in interactive discussions, group activities, and reflection exercises to develop a deeper understanding of the principles and strategies involved in creating the next generation of peace makers through sport.  


    In this workshop, Delegates gain valuable insights into the approaches used by Sport for Good organisations, such as PeacePlayers, and be provided with tools, skills and strategies which they can use to help address issues related to conflict in their personal and professional lives and within their wider spheres of influence.


    Today Do This - 0059

    Title: Unlocking Changemakers: Transforming the World Through Your Day Job


    Ambassadors experience a fundamental shift in this invigorating workshop from Today Do This. 


    Built on a unique process inspired by Martin Luther King’s “six steps of nonviolent social change”, Delegates arrive with energy and good intentions, and emerge just 60 minutes later having taken actual, practical action to begin transforming the world through their day-to-day work. 


    “You truly inspire people to change the world in their day job. So glad I attended your session at last years #oneyoungworld” – attendee at OYW 2021. 


    Whatever your industry, role or seniority, join us for this action-packed workshop to make sure you leave One Young World a true changemaker. 


    Greater Village Regeneration Trust - 0060

    Title: Game Changers: Harnessing Sport for Conflict Resolution


    This workshop is a partnership between two key organisations in South Belfast - The South Belfast Alternatives and Greater Village Regeneration Trust. 


    This workshop seeks to educate Delegates on new and progressive methods of overcoming conflict, with a particular focus upon sport. The three key strands of this type of conflict resolution work, which will be the main strands of our workshop, are repairing harm, building relationships and maintaining community. 


    The workshop provides Delegates the opportunity to consider how the legacy of the Troubles in Northern Ireland presents itself through sport today and assess how traditional punishment-based approaches do not provide long lasting solutions and often entrench conflict. 


    The workshop also provides the Delegates with an opportunity to consider a real-world example of how using restorative practices to address conflict led to a better outcome for all involved. Delegates have an opportunity to consider how these restoratives practices can be transferred to all areas of the community. This workshop provides to opportunity to gain an understanding of restorative practices which are globally transferable.


    Chartered Accountants Worldwide - 0061

    Title: Making Money Matter: How Finance and Business Professionals Can Achieve Sustainability Goals


    Sustainability has emerged as a critical issue for businesses around the world, and it has become increasingly clear that it is not just a matter of environmental responsibility but also a strategic imperative for businesses. 


    Finance and business professionals have a crucial role to play in this regard. They are the nexus in an organisation and must act as communicators to all stakeholders. 


    This workshop aims to equip young finance and business professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively integrate sustainability into their decision-making processes, communicate the importance of sustainability to all stakeholders and implement sustainable practices in their own organisation.


    PwC - 0063

    Title: Climate Emergency - How Our Fashion Choices Can Help Shape Our World


    On a planet with an exponentially growing population, the demand for apparel items is ever increasing, where our impact on the planet and people is growing in parallel.


    Our individual choices aggregate to drive macro influences and can help shape our world. Through consistency, consumers can help to shift the market demand signals to drive sustainable value creation, and encourage corporations to align their business models on this agenda.


    This workshop focuses on the textile and clothing production journey from raw materials all the way through to consumer purchase and beyond. The delegates will explore supply chain case studies to delve and compare the different associated impacts, mapping them to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


    Throughout discussions, Delegates are asked to individually reflect on their own sustainability priorities. This helps to empower the Delegates with a voice, showcasing how their consumer habits can act as levers to reward sustainable behaviours. This then showcases how consumers can encourage large corporations to reconsider their business models in the fashion market… and beyond.


    University of Bath - 0044

    Title: Tackling Inequality Through the Power of Education


    The world is a very unequal place. According to the World Inequality Report 2022, the richest 10% of the world’s population share more than half of all global income, while the poorest 50% share just 8.5%. This inequality on the global scale is also reflected within continents and countries – more than two-thirds of global income inequality is now accounted for by inequalities within countries and this share has been increasing for the last 40 years. To a greater or lesser extent every country in the world is struggling with issues related to inequality, no matter what their level of development. So what can be done?


    In this workshop, we are looking at the power of education as a tool for tackling inequality. Drawing on research case-studies from Sub-Saharan Africa, Lebanon and the UK, Delegates work together to consider how education policies can increase human capital and skills, broaden opportunities, and empower citizens to realise their potential.


    The workshop is structured around several breakout sessions allowing Delegates to consider evidence, share experiences and analyse the relevance of the research for their own country contexts. The aim is to equip Delegates to inform education-related initiatives that could be developed and implemented post-summit.