Top 10 Application Tips


Scholarship season is here and you’re excited to attend the upcoming Summit but you’re not sure how to make an application. Here are our top 10 tips to bear in mind. 

1. Use English
We only accept applications written in English. Please bear this in mind when writing your application. If English is not your first language, consider reaching out to someone who can read through your application.

2. Be relevant 
Carefully read through the selection criteria to make sure that you are eligible for the opportunity. It is much better to submit one great application, than waste time applying for 20 that you are not suitable for!

3. Tell us what makes you unique!
We would like to know what distinguishes you. Don’t just introduce yourself as a highly determined, dedicated leader - explain what makes you those things and give evidence for this. What makes your application different from the rest? 

4. Tell us what you’ve done
We love hearing about your goals and plans for the future. But even more important is the impact that you have already made. What is the mission of your business/organisation?
How many people have you impacted? Please tell us all about it! 

5. Tell us why you want to be a OYW Ambassador
The Summit is an incredible experience but what do you want to gain from it? Why do you want to join the world’s most impactful community of young leaders? We are looking for leaders who will be active contributors to our Ambassador community after the Summit is over.

6. Include links to any articles, videos or online documentation
Illustrate your work to us by adding in useful resources which help us clarify and validate your work. We want to see your work in action. 

7. Read, Reread and Reread. 
Please check through your application before you submit it. Is it easy to read? Does it clearly communicate everything that you wanted to tell us? Before you submit your application, consider asking a friend, family member or colleague to check for any mistakes and to give you some feedback.

8. Save it before submitting 
You may lose internet connection while completing your application - it happens to us all!. We recommend copying the application on a document beforehand so that if anything happens - you don’t lose all of your hard work!

9. Don’t submit an incomplete application
In a rush to fill out a form, you may miss important fields or worse still enter incorrect information e.g your email address. Take your time and read the application questions thoroughly to ensure that your application is complete. 

10. Don’t be discouraged 
If you’re having second thoughts about applying because you afraid of the competition or were previously unsuccessful - don’t be discouraged. If you don’t apply, you will never know if you would have gotten a place. If you do and are unsuccessful, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year ranging from amazing events organised by the Ambassador Community to the opportunities page, and more. Do try!

Good luck with your application!