Youth Unemployment

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Is it our job to find the solutions?

Almost a quarter of the planet’s youth are neither working nor studying. It is one of this generation’s most critical issues.

In the wake of a financial crisis that decimated job opportunities, business is going through a dramatic period of disruption, with new technologies forcing many to adapt to survive.

The issue is a high priority for the One Young World community, which overwhelmingly elected to have the topic on the Summit agenda for the first time. Despite the vast majority (80%) believing the number of young unemployed people in their country will not fall in the next 12 months, even more (91%) believe it is possible to solve the problem.

In this session the delegation looked at what young people are doing to create their own employment opportunities, whether successful strategies can be scaled and how unemployment systems might be transformed from safety nets into springboards.

Delegate Speakers:

James Eder, UK
Adelard Kakunze, Burundi
Jeremy Lamri, France
Efehan Danisman, Turkey
Rukayat Olamide, Nigeria
Yiwen Wu, China