Leading Action: Action Groups

What are Action Groups? Action Groups are issue-focused groups made up of Ambassadors who are already driving action, or are looking to lead a new initiative on that key issue. An Action Group serves as a convener for those Ambassadors to exchange best practice, share expertise, describe challenges and offer solutions in order to further improve, scale and accelerate their work.

Interested in joining an Action Group? Please email [email protected].

Please note that you must be a One Young World Ambassador to join a Action Group. You can find more information about how to become a One Young World Ambassador here.

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Finance & Business 2030

Finance & Business 2030 (a.k.a. FinBiz2030) is a joint initiative between One Young World (OYW) and Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW), launched in London in 2019.

Our vision: To unite & mobilise the finance and business community to achieve the SDGs by 2030.

Key objectives:

  • Raise awareness & drive advocacy of the SDGs; 
  • Implement actions towards positive change within finance & business;
  • Call for industry-wide action; 
  • Measure and report on impact.

The Thrive Law Changers Network

Chair: Jemima Lovatt

The Thrive Law Changers Network consists of gender equality advocates around the world. The group works together to share local developments, what changes they would like to see and to support each other's advocacy.

Interested in joining this group? Please reach out to [email protected].

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S.T.A.R.S., otherwise known as Standards & Training for Aviation Responsibility and Sustainability, is an initiative set in motion by young business aviation professionals from across Europe. Their goal? To develop and introduce industry-wide sustainability standards and an accompanying label. The programme, supported by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), will focus on the social and environmental issues addressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Co-Chairs: Josine Bakkes, Jessica Jones, Simon Mitchell, Kara Wenger

The purpose of this Working Group is to enable the NextGen to create purpose-driven internal networks within the corporations. We do this by creating cross-corporate connections, facilitating knowledge-sharing and enabling action.


Previous Initiatives

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Action 10

Action 10 is an advocacy group lobbying for the eradication of gender inequality. Action 10 works by harnessing the collective energies of select young leaders to steer the conversation around equality in their respective corners of the world, leveraging the One Young World network and Queen’s Commonwealth Trust channels to amplify their messages and influence decision-makers.

Whether related to education, health, access to employment or simply the right to exist, this group advocates for a fairer, more inclusive, world.

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Plastic Working Group

Plastics Working Group

Lead: Danielle Crompton

In 2017 to 2018, Danielle led the One Young World Plastics Working Group, which convened Ambassadors from the London area in raising awareness of the impacts of plastic pollution. She went on to lead Waitrose & Partners initiatives making positive improvements in the areas of plastics, packaging and food waste including the Plan Plastic - the Million Pound Challenge, which gave £1 million in grants to organisations tackling the issue.

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Chair: Siddhaarth Sudhakaran

Across the world, mental well-being and health are stigmatised topics. This reluctance to have healthy discussions about mental health has resulted in a vast gap in access to mental healthcare. The One Young World Working Group on Mental Health will focus on leading initiatives to shatter this stigma.


Chair: Ana Djú

Young people that fall into the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) group often have to deal with their race as an obstacle to social, political and economic integration in the workplace. This Working Group will encourage initiatives in the workplace to tackle the barriers faced by the BAME group.


Co-Chairs: Emmanuele Marie Parra, Victoria Virgulak, Caline Ifrah, Esmee Boerema, Sabeeha Moola, Rebecca Tillery

Our working group aims to raise awareness that human trafficking and modern day slavery exist in many parts of the world. We are also on a mission to be the voice of the voiceless


Chair: Elissa Glorie

Business can and should be doing good! The Social [business] entrepreneurs group aims to connect with other social entrepreneurs, exploring what impact really means, and creating projects that help this impact grow.

Domestic Training

Domestic Training For Young Professionals

Following the One Young World Summit 2016 in Ottawa, Canada, OYW Ambassadors Jemima Lovatt and Uzair Patel brought together a group of ~15 passionate young individuals from private, public and third sector backgrounds to create a OYW Working Group to End Domestic Abuse. The aim of the group was to engage corporate organisations and employers in ending domestic abuse. The group launched a training for young professionals who are interested in learning what they can do to tackle domestic abuse.

The group also researched and wrote the Business Case on Ending Domestic Abuse.

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Young Leaders Against Sexual Violence

Launched at the One Young World Summit 2018 in The Hague, Netherlands, the Young Leaders Against Sexual Violence (YLASV) are a group of young leaders who demonstrate a strong personal or professional commitment and significant expertise in addressing sexual and gender-based violence in their communities and around the world.

The YLASV initiative positions the young leaders selected as leading voices in the fight against sexual and gender-based violence, showcasing their work, personal initiatives, and expertise with national and international decision-makers, organizations, and providing them a platform to share their messages of change at national and international events.

Group members:  Amanda Nguyen, Grace Forrest, Jaha Dukureh, Yeonmi Park, Genevieve Westrope, Sebastian Lanz Sanchez, Queen Kgeresi, Hauwa Ojeifo, Luke Hart, Kamoinan Chearavanont


Chair: Lauren Peel

A collection of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies committed to understanding and taking action on LGBTQ+ rights in the regions where we are based. We believe that people of any sexual orientation and gender identity should have equal rights with others. This includes but is not limited to legal existence, safety, access to goods and services, employment and anti-discrimination.


Chair: Christina Mangels

The aim of this group is to create a platform to consolidate global impact investing opportunities and information. We will also organise and categorise aspects of impact investing for which the investor can
easily align their personal values with their investment objectives based on these aspects.


Chair: Lucky Aziken

With the increasing rates of morbidity and mortality and the increased burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases around the world; achieving the sustainable health goals before 2030 will require a concerted effort from everyone. The One Young World Healthcare Working Group is a community of health Ambassadors working collectively to provide better healthcare locally and globally.

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Chair: Maiya Suyunchaliyeva

Sustainably transforming and managing our urban space has many benefits, from promoting tourism, to providing jobs for both skilled and unskilled workers. We would like to bring our focus to improving and managing the public transport, creating green spaces, flexible societies and affordable housing, involving public and private partnership for sustainable growth.

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