All Bar None 2014

All Bar None 2014 is now closed!

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What is All Bar None?

All Bar None is an initiative designed to ensure that young people from countries that were relatively less well represented at the One Young World Summit 2013 have the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Summit in Dublin, Ireland which takes place 15 – 19 October.

Through All Bar None, we will work closely with our partners and sponsors to find sponsorship to attend the 2014 Summit for one young person from each of the 114 countries listed below.

At the 2013 Summit, we were joined by outstanding young people from 190 countries. Among non-governmental events, only the Olympic Games gathers together more countries. Whilst we are extremely proud of this, our aim is to have all 196 countries represented at the 2014 Summit in Dublin.

All Bar None is an essential part of our strategy to achieve this goal.

What does All Bar None sponsorship pay for?

All Bar None sponsorship covers the full delegate fee of £2,750. This fee includes the cost of:

  • Delegate access to the One Young World Summit 2014 in Dublin, Ireland
  • Hotel accommodation on a shared basis on the nights of 15, 16, 17 and 18 October
  • Catering which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on 15, 16, 17 and 18 October and breakfast only on 19 October
  • Transport between the Summit accommodation and the Summit venue
  • Summit hand-outs and support materials
  • The cost of travel to and from Dublin is also included in All Bar None sponsorship

Can I apply for this sponsorship?

You can apply for All Bar None sponsorship if you are:

  • 18 - 30 years old with a passion for world issues and an evidenced commitment to effecting positive change
  • A national of one of the eligible countries listed below.

How can I apply?

To apply for All Bar None sponsorship you need to create a candidate profile here. If you have already applied to attend a One Young World Summit and your application has been approved then you do not need to create a new profile and you will be automatically entered into the pool of All Bar None applicants.  You should however ensure that your profile provides the most up to date information possible.

Applications for All Bar None sponsorship are now closed but you can still apply to attend the 2014 Summit and pursue funding independently.

Apply here

The strongest applicants from each eligible country will be shortlisted and we will work to secure sponsorship for at least one person from each eligible country. You will be contacted individually by a member of the One Young World team if you have been shortlisted. Please note that we cannot guarantee any applicant that they will be shortlisted or that we will secure sponsorship for any shortlisted applicant.

Eligible countries

These countries have been selected because they were represented by the fewest delegates at the 2013 Summit.

Afghanistan Denmark Kyrgyzstan Palau Uzbekistan
Albania Djibouti Lao People's Democratic Republic Palestine Vanuatu
Algeria Dominica Latvia Panama
Andorra Dominican Republic Lebanon Papua New Guinea
Angola Ecuador Lesotho Paraguay
Antigua and Barbuda El Salvador Liberia Qatar
Armenia Equatorial Guinea Liechtenstein Saint Kitts and Nevis
Austria Eritrea Lithuania Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Azerbaijan Estonia Luxembourg Samoa
Bahamas Ethiopia Macedonia (The former Yugoslav Republic of ) San Marino
Barbados Fiji Madagascar Sao Tome and Principe
Belarus Finland Malawi Senegal
Belize Gabon Malaysia Serbia
Bhutan Georgia Maldives Seychelles
Bolivia Grenada Mali Slovenia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Guatemala Malta Solomon Islands
Brunei Darussalam Guinea-Bissau Marshall Islands Somalia
Burkina Faso Guyana Mauritania South Sudan
Burundi Haiti Micronesia (Federated States of) Swaziland
Cambodia Holy See Moldova (Republic of) Tajikistan
Central African Republic Honduras Monaco Timor Leste
Chad Iceland Montenegro Togo
Comoros Iran Myanmar Tonga
Congo (Democratic Republic of the ) Israel Nauru Tunisia
Costa Rica Kazakhstan Nepal Turkmenistan
Croatia Kiribati Niger Tuvalu
Cuba Korea (Democratic People's Republic of) Norway Ukraine
Cyprus Korea (Republic of) Oman Uruguay
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