Accelerate EV

Ambassador: Salem Afeworki , United States

Salem started Accelerate EV in 2018 as a one-stop-shop for consumers in the United States to learn about the benefits of driving electric vehicles. The website compiles available resources so that consumers can easily access all the information they need to guide their buying decisions when considering purchasing a new car.

Accelerate EV educates consumers about the economic and environmental benefits of driving electric vehicles. More than 1,000 people have engaged with the site since its launch in December 2018, and the platform has been shared across social media networks with a following of 30,000 people. The organisation also provides information about rebates and incentives that are available, to encourage consumer purchases from the greater Los Angeles area. Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States1 , so Accelerate EV is a critically important tool to help consumers make decisions that will both benefit them financially and help to protect the environment. The website also provides links to electric vehicle cost calculators, enabling consumers to see how much money they could save by switching to an electric car. It also includes details about a 100% electric car sharing programme in Los Angeles, so that consumers unsure about buying an electric car can try sharing one. Salem is also the founder of Value Sustainability, a consulting firm that specialises in sustainability, climate change and community outreach services.

Salem decided to develop Accelerate EV after realising that information about clean energy solutions for low income families is not easily accessible or understandable. This is due to information being scattered across several different platforms. Accelerate EV thus serves to bridge the gap by providing information and tools for low income families to learn about electric vehicles, with the aim of improving their consumer purchases.


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