SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

SDG class

Maestros Leadership Team

Charles founded Maestros Leadership Team to inspire young people to develop leadership qualities by increasing the quality of the education they receive and improving their future employment prospects. Maestros currently operates in 18 countries across Africa, reaching almost 70,000 young people across several project streams. Maestros Leadership Team is the social impact branch of Maestros Leadership Company, an organisation that specialises in professional training and development.

Fair Game Australia

John van Bockxmeer founded Fair Game Australia to give young people from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to take part in sports, reaching almost 15,000 young people and donating over 24,000 pieces of sports gear across Australia. Whilst working as a doctor in a small rural hospital, John saw young Australians suffering from preventable lifestyle-related illness and wanted to establish a holistic model which would help break the cycle of inequality.

Madiba & Nature

Ismael founded Madiba & Nature in 2016 to help preserve the livelihoods of fishermen whilst also addressing the issue of plastic pollution. Madiba & Nature collects waste plastic bottles and uses them to create eco-boats. Plastic waste is collected through using eco-bins. In total, 37 boats have been made so far, with each boat needing 1,000 plastic bottles for construction. 

Fundación Para La Tierra - Voces de la Naturaleza

As Deputy Director of Fundacion Para La Tierra, Joseph co-founded Voces de la Naturaleza in late 2015 as a forum to teach children and adults about the environment. In August 2018, the Foundation was running nine eco-clubs in six communities, teaching 150 children about the natural world each week. It had also hosted five seasonal winter camps to reach more than 250 children in communities that did not yet have access to regular club meetings.

Coliba Ghana

Prince co-founded Coliba Ghana in 2016 to address the issue of plastic pollution and to promote environmental sustainability. Coliba Ghana currently operates 40 recycling centres in Accra plus 16 across Cote D’ivoire, and has recycled 700 tons of waste in total.

Seeds of Hope PNG

John founded Seeds of Hope PNG in 2011 to encourage children in his local community to pursue higher education as a way to minimise tribal conflict and avoid future violence. Based in Waknam Village, Mul District in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea, Seeds of Hope PNG has impacted the lives of all 2,000 inhabitants through its various programmes.