Afrowatt Express and Paradigm Shift

Ambassador: Jack Kafwanka , Zambia

Jack is lead coordinator for Afrowatt Express in Zambia. Afrowatts’ mission is to make Africa a place where Africans want to live and can do so in a way which preserves the environment. The aim is to accelerate installation of clean and inexhaustible energy, using solar energy. Afrowatt-Express is a youth-led social enterprise, working across six Sub-Saharan African countries namely: Nigeria, Rwanda, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and Uganda. 
In Zambia Jack leads a team of 17 people who are accelerating Solar Power Generation through the rapid deployment of Solar Community Systems. To date 2,000 homes have received solar panels which provide enough power to heat and light people’s homes. 
In addition Jack’s team work on the Paradigm Shift Foundation programme which provides young people with mentoring in life skills, enabling them to become more confident and lead on issues that affect them in their communities. Jack says they have mentored over 1,820 adolescents under Paradigm and all of them are making a great difference in their communities and on each other.