Ambassador: Vibin Joseph , India

Vibin founded BiOZEEN five years ago to reduce the cost of vaccine manufacturing by adopting open technologies. Reduced costs will increase production, and increase availability of vaccines for the global population. They have received $1,000,000 from banks and family sources. BiOZEEN has supplied over 450 units of regulatory compliant bio-equipment and automation solutions to over 50 biopharmaceutical companies across 16 countries.

It is estimated that one in every three vaccines in the world is made using BiOZEEN’s technology – which has reduced costs by 15% to 30%. However this outcome will not be included in the outcome measures for the project given the complexity of estimating the impact. BiOZEEN has supplied 600 hours of training in a semester, three lectures from industry experts in a year and certifications for over 750 individuals. Biotech professionals can tailor their training but it is usually between five days to two weeks (nine and a half days on average for five hours a day). 550 students have enhanced their careers in the biotech sector and over 200 biotech professionals were trained to serve the biotechnology industry at lower operational costs.