CLIMB Against Sexual Abuse

Ambassador: Shada Abuhattum (Israel) & Poonam Thimmaiah (India) , Israel

CLIMB Against Sexual Abuse was founded by Poonam Thimmaiah and Shada Abuhattum in 2014, to raise awareness of sexual abuse through workshops, videos, blog posts and mountaineering expeditions to prove they can conquer anything. They run support workshops for survivors of abuse where they can talk about their experiences for the rst time in a safe environment.

They have made and shared survivor videos, to show other survivors they are not alone. CLIMB’s 30 active members are based in 12 countries across four continents; the US, Israel, UK, India, Pakistan, Nepal, South Africa, Botswana, Cameroon, Bangladesh, Canada and Ghana – with Chapter Heads in each country. In 2015, nine people, including three survivors, climbed their first mountain in South Africa. Fundraising for more climbs up Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest is ongoing. The outreach programme has educated 4,747 people and CLIMB has 5,000+ followers on Facebook and over 14,000 on their website.