ENEL, Dominica Wind Farm, Mexico

Ambassador: Rossella Napolano , Italy

Rossella worked in a team to define the sustainable construction site model as part of ENEL’s Power’s creating shared value’ approach to business. She piloted this model to some small construction sites in 2015. One such pilot project is the Dominica Wind Farm in Mexico. 

ENEL Green Power began with a reforestation project of more than 180,000 specimen to compensate for areas that were deforested due to the construction of the wind farm as required by the National Forestry. Today there are 30,000 specimens of 16 cactus species grown for ornamental and reforestation purposes. Local people have been taught to grow and sell the cacti. Cacti seeds are sold for $2 and small plants $10. The Maguey Mill was created to process the American agave know as maguey into cattle food for the local farmers and provide food even during drought seasons. In 2011 up to 450,000 cattle were lost due to drought. In addition the Aguamiel is turned into a traditional syrup sold and eaten by the local community. Through consultation 20 families and seven ejidos (communal lands) were taught to harvest escamoles (Mexican cavier) from cacti, in a sustainable manner, conserving the species whilst adding significant economic value to the community, with an increased sale price from $250 per kilo to about $500 per kilo. The goal is to replicate this program to surrounding communities. Once construction of the wind farm was complete, two schools received new roofs and infrastructure, and were given photovoltaic (solar panel) systems of 3 kW each, with a 3.5 kW inverter, to provide a stable electricity supply. With this donation 45 students and teachers benefit from lighting for classrooms, energy for computer equipment and a working water well. This award winning project is the first sustainable energy construction project in Mexico, Rossella and her colleagues are now applying this sustainable approach in other projects around the world. 

Partners: Fundacion Produce San Luis and Presidencia Municipal de Charcas.