Florence Masetla Foundation

Ambassador: Florence Masetla , South Africa

Florence founded the Florence Masetla Foundation in 2013 which initially focused on the research and championing the use of technology in education to help eradicate poverty through access to quality education and information for decision making and active citizenship. Through the educational outreach of her foundation, 57 students received vocational and technical training. In addition 50 solar powered Repurpose school bags were bought for children attending a rural school in South Africa and the foundation hopes to buy another 250 bags by the end of 2017. The Repurpose bags are sturdy all-purpose backpacks made out of 100% recycled material from old plastic bags. Attached to the top is a small solar panel that’s capable of capturing the sun’s energy while children walk to school. When they arrive back home, the bag is capable of powering a small lamp for up to 12 hours so that they can complete their studies at night. 
The foundation is also starting work on a mobile school, although no more detail was provided and so will not form part of this impact assessment. The foundation also pioneered an initiative called Climb Against Sexual Abuse which was included in the 2015/2016 One Young World impact report.