The Guyana Environment Initiative

Elsie Harry , Guyana

The Guyana Environment Initiative was formed in April 2015 to solve the widespread problem of littering and unsustainable rubbish management practices in Guyana. Elsie was a founding member of the executive committee, and the Initiative has educated over 2,000 people about climate action. The Guyana Environment Initiative wants to create innovative and sustainable solutions to increase recycling and reduce littering in Guyana. The Initiative did this by collecting used plastic bottles from around campus and from students and repurposing them into structures like plant pots. Volunteers also used old tyres donated by local businesses to fashion into bins that can be used to further reduce the litter problem at their university. The volunteers would paint these items in bright colours that stand out, further beautifying the campus by both reducing the amount of visible waste and by placing aesthetically pleasing recycled practical structures around campus. The Guyana Environment Initiative also teaches students and adults about the importance of being environmentally conscious and the damage caused by littering and pollution. It does this through offering classes to university students and members of the community, offering them a chance to ask questions and to learn more about the impact of the environment on their local community.