Happy4Life Network

Ambassador: Eddy Musoke , Congo - Kinshasa

Eddy founded the Happy4Life Network in 2014 to educate and empower children in DRC. They have helped 350 children by offering them clubs for a few hours a week, given 29 children scholarships for schools under the ‘Bright Future’ and ‘Educate Kibera Scholarships’ and helped two refugees move from camps to campuses.

His project has impacted the lives of many other children and their communities; they have directly and indirectly impacted over 1,500 people in 11 months. Happy4Life has received $20,250 in donations from volunteers around the world. Over $5,700 has been invested by Pantry, an organic food company in Qatar created by One Young World Ambassador Sara Al-Malki and her sister Amal Al-Malki plus $1,500 donated by individuals.