Ambassador: Milenko Pilic , United Kingdom

Milenko founded HeySuccess as a platform to connect curious students with opportunities to work and study internationally. As a student, Milenko found that he had to spend a lot of time searching and applying for all the different study abroad programmes he was interested in. He decided to create HeySuccess in 2014 to help students with a desire to travel abroad find these opportunities compiled on one platform. By providing scholarship details and travel events on this platform, HeySuccess makes studying and working abroad more accessible for young people, regardless of their interests or economic background.

Travelling abroad for work or studies can be hugely beneficial for young people, exposing them to new cultures and different styles of working. HeySuccess provides thousands of opportunities in 190 countries around the world. So far, HeySuccess has around 250,000 registered users, and it has connected more than 8,000 young people to opportunities in other countries. HeySuccess runs on a premium model, and it works with big corporations to help them recruit top talent from around the world for internships and graduate positions.

In 2014 Milenko was awarded a One Young World grant that helped the fledgling HeySuccess platform to organise live sessions at four universities in the Balkans, which led it to gain almost 2,000 new users on the website. This also allowed Milenko to invest some money into the beta version of the site, which launched in 2015. This traction helped HeySuccess to raise further funds, enabling it to become the global platform that it is today.