Investing For Charity

Ambassador: Matthew Fitzpatrick , Australia

Matthew, an equity analyst, created Investing for Charity (I4C) as an ancillary fund which enables donors to invest into a socially responsible, diverse and pro table portfolio, whilst ensuring his charity was not donor dependent. Five percent of funds are donated to Australian education charities for underprivileged children. To date four charities have received $15,000 AUD ($10,391.25 USD).

I4C also aims to create a new generation of socially aware financial experts by offering financial investment training to young finance and economics students. The Equity Trainee programme of weekend seminars teaches students the skills of an equity analyst; the Equity Analyst programme, involves executing a seven-stage equity valuation methodology and re-presenting undervalued stocks whilst working with like-minded ethical investors. To date 160 students have been educated and 120 have graduated.