JobIRL, Deloitte France

Ambassadors: Anna Dona-Hei and Abdelmalik Salym , France

In 2014, a Deloitte partner watched the OYW video from the Johannesburg summit. She was so impressed that she created a team of 10 millennial employees to tackle the 25% youth unemployment in France. Anna Dona-Hei and Abdelmalik Salym as part of that team helped scale up Deloitte’s programme and refocus it on school leavers and disadvantaged youth who have difficulty moving into higher education or employment.

They reached out to Deloitte employees in France to support the initiative by connecting with young people and offering them professional career advice. Partnering with a local NGO they created a platform through which Deloitte employees and their client contacts could be connected with young people seeking help. Today on the platform there are 26,058 young subscribers and 2,800 professional people, including 100 professionals from Deloitte, who in total exchanged 8,000 messages.

In addition, during 2016, 3,000 young people have met professionals from a wide variety of industries at events organised by JobIRL. Anna estimates the Deloitte OYW team went to 10 job fairs in 2016 and met with 30 to 100 students or an estimated 500 students in total during 2016.