Lifeline Nehemiah Projects

Ambassador: PJ Cole , Sierra Leone

During the Ebola crisis PJ began raising funds to provide food, water, medical supplies and comfort to 13,000 people quarantined in their homes. He educated 80,000 people about Ebola, how to protect themselves and stop the virus spreading. He partnered with other NGO’s to build a 20 bed Ebola Clinic for which treated over 270 patients, providing a home for 10 Ebola orphans, and support over 100 people in the community. He and his team won a grant of nearly £600,000 during the crisis. Today they provide vocational training and entrepreneurial business incubation for young people aged 16 – 25. 

PJ also oversees four schools, a 45-bed safe home for vulnerable children and a vocational training centre that is working with 317 people in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 201 young people have graduated and over 50% are in sustainable employment as builders, electrical technicians, and chefs etc. 

As the next step in rebuilding his country, PJ aims to help farmers whose livelihoods were devastated during the quarantine period. Having won a grant of nearly £500,000, he and his team plan to teach 35,000 farmers entrepreneurial skills to create sustainable agricultural businesses with liveable incomes, and thereby support the growth of the economy. 540 people are being trained in the village of Punduru, eastern Sierra Leone to date. 

His team of former child soldiers who are now community leaders in Sierra Leone, work with him to deliver his vision through Lifeline Nehemiah Projects.