Missing MDG


The Missing Millennium Development Goal project is a petition to the governments of the UN member-states and religious leaders and followers to recognise that the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) can only be fully realised with Interfaith Collaboration.
There are 19 armed conflicts around the globe based on religious differences. Areas affected by violence in the name of religion are stalling on their progress towards achieving the MDGs. Therefore, adopting the Missing Millennium Development Goal targets in many cases may serve as a prerequisite for ending poverty and achieving peace


Every religion condemns violence and promotes peace. This inherent message is being misinterpreted to support narrow political interests. It is, therefore, the role of religious leaders to oppose political agenda and expose dishonesty which is often veiled by religious zeal. At the same time, it is the role of governments to ensure adherence to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore, religious leaders and governments must work together to ensure that no violence is justified by religious motives.

The Missing Millennium Development Goal was presented at the UN Alliance of Civilizations forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in May 2010 where UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon was present alongside President Lula da Silva of Brazil and many other dignitaries. The project is supported by many religious and civil organizations including for example the Desmond Tutu Peace Centre, World Council of Religious Leaders, Muslim American Society, Islamic Relief, the International Award for Young People.

Currently, the team, including Ajarat Bada (Nigeria), Bogdan Gogulan (Russia) and Catherine Peter (South Africa) are preparing to demonstrate the tangible power of interfaith collaboration to achieve peace at the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals that will take place 20th-22nd September 2010.