Smart Load Solutions

Ambassador: Madis Uuemaa , Estonia

In December 2014 Madis started Smart Load Solutions (SLS) to shift electricity consumption to periods of time when the production of electricity is the cleanest and cheapest (e.g. a lot of solar power in electricity grid). This effect can be done with secondary electrical devices, such as electric heating. The idea is to use a lot of electricity when it comes from renewable sources and heat up the rooms by a degree. Then, when electricity is expensive and being produced by traditional power plants, the heaters can be turned off as the room temperature has already been heated up. 
The intelligent control systems (SLS software) are being installed into electric heaters, coolers for industrial customers and consumers. Today SLS have 1MW of electrical load being controlled based on real time electricity production. 
Clients electricity costs have decreased by approximately 10% and CO2 emissions have decreased when electricity that is controlled with SLS software.