Ambassador: Arch Wongchindawest , Thailand

Arch founded the online platform Socialgiver in 2014. Socialgiver offers hand-picked experiences, such as hotel stays, restaurants and activities, from leading brands in Thailand at exclusive rates. The ‘spare service capacity’ of businesses is of little or no value to any party, but enables businesses to give back in a meaningful way while engaging new customers, building brand loyalty and reducing marketing costs.

Socialgiver lists businesses’ spare capacity on a website, which users buy at a 40% discount to the original price. 70% of the proceeds to date – 1,124,645 Baht – were donated to 16 social projects supported by Socialgiver. Over 5,000 customers, each spending on average $20 to $50 each time, use the platform to make savings and help local charitable causes in Thailand. 12,145 lives have been positively impacted through projects that save girls from sexual abuse, rescue animals from the streets, help flood victims in Myanmar, offer help to Nepal and set-up education initiatives.