Sporte Avis

Nyus Alfred , St. Lucia

Nyus Alfred founded Sporte Avis to develop local athletic talent and to provide a platform for aspiring sports journalists to develop their skills. Sporte Avis aims to address the lack of funding for aspiring athletes at the junior level, which discourages the best talent from developing their skills after high school. Nyus founded Sporte Avis to make Saint Lucia more prominent in international sporting competitions by nurturing local talent and providing news coverage. The organisation has supported 300 athletes to date.

Sporte Avis helps athletes develop their sports profiles, prepare for scouting opportunities and apply for scholarship programmes. As well as teaching athletes what they need to get ahead in sports, the organisation also teaches them about the role of sport in conflict resolution and promoting peace at home and abroad. After having demonstrated its positive impact in Saint Lucia, Sporte Avis was approached by the Organisation of East Caribbean States to expand their programme to other states in the East Caribbean region. On 1 November 2016, Sporte Avis launched their programme regionally and began to provide the same services to athletes across the East Caribbean. Aspiring reporters were also able to benefit from this organisation by reporting on the sporting events and competitions, increasing their experience and developing their skills. Sporte Avis worked to expand its reach in a number of ways, including hosting a radio show and running a TV show. The total reach of Sporte Avis content across the East Caribbean is between 700,000 and 800,000 people.