Ambassador: Miganoush Magarian and Gretta Hohl , Germany

Migan co-founded TeachSurfing in 2014. TeachSurfing connects and supports people who want to share their expertise and culture with schools and non-profit organisations in their home and travel destinations. Organically, the project has reached 95 countries, however, they only have in-depth information from four. They received $5,000 from Amazon Web Services and one full-time volunteer for one year to develop their website. In Armenia, Serbia, Germany and Romania, they have held ten TeachSurfing events with 530 participants. 17 TeachSurfers have travelled to 10 hosts (NGOs or similar educational institution). Each week, on average 20 participants receive two hours of education. They have also received 10,000 pounds thanks to their success to help them set up a branch in Armenia.