Thriving Talents

Ambassador: Michael Teoh , Malaysia

Michael founded Thriving Talents in 2012 to develop young talent in Malaysia, which works to improve their innovation and adaptability skills, preparing them for the demands of changing job markets. Today, Thriving Talents operates in 40 countries and has trained 65,000 people. Michael believes that the millennial generation is the most influential in the world, so it is essential to equip young people with education and training that creates economic opportunity and enables them to maximise their positive impact in society.

Thriving Talents specialises in providing services for the millennial generation to drive up employability and entrepreneurship amongst young people in Malaysia and beyond. Young people are provided with coaching, training and development programmes to better prepare them for the working world. The organisation provides consultancy services to Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and government bodies seeking to engage with young people. Thriving Talents also strives to ‘future-proof’ young people through upskilling and corporate training programmes, helping them to launch their own enterprises and social ventures that address issues in their local communities. Thriving Talents is set to reach it’s 41st country, South Korea, later this year. Michael also has a radio show where he inspires young people to contribute to a better world.

Michael attended the One Young World 2010 London Summit, where he presented a Youth Report that he had compiled featuring the hopes and concerns for the future of 32,000 young people across Malaysia. He subsequently compiled a One Young World Impact Report together with fellow Ambassador Jonathan Chu, highlighting the actions taken by 100 young people in Malaysia to create a better world. These findings were presented at the 2011 Zurich Summit. These experiences strengthened Michael’s research capabilities and motivation to support impactful young people in Malaysia, contributing towards the decision to found Thriving Talents in 2012.