Ambassador: Hayden Taylor , United Kingdom

Hayden Taylor and his co-founder created Unloc in 2011.
They aim to increase the academic experience of students
nationwide and have impacted over 1,410 school children
this year. They facilitate student forums to create city or
town-wide dialogue about improvements they want to
see. In Portsmouth, UK, 14 secondary and 20 primary
schools have been collaborating for three years. Three
times a year 80 secondary students and 40 primary
students meet and at the end of the academic year, the
Portsmouth Student Voice Day is held, where 200 primary
and secondary students, aged 5–18, come together to
discuss and improve their schools. Positive outcomes
include radio stations being set up in schools, increased
inclusion of special needs students and organised events
which have raised over £5,000 for charity. An annual
summit also develops young children’s civic engagement,
leadership and communication skills. Equivalent courses
cost £25 per child.
Unloc’s Enterprise Academy offers a year-long course
and structured learning plan for young entrepreneurs.
For three hours a week over 36 weeks, children receive
training in soft skills such as teamwork, leadership and
communication skills, as well as mentorship from local
business. 80 young people from one school will benefit
this year. However, the cost to schools for this service
remains confidential.