World Health Equity

Ambassador: Jennifer Kamara , Sierra Leone

Jennifer Kamara founded World Health Equity (WHE) to promote equal access to healthcare in impoverished communities. She created a health clinic in Bamoi, Sierra Leone, which treated over 2,500 people. Residents previously had to walk five miles for medical treatment. Most could not afford the standard $10 hospital consultation fees. WHE provided medical consultation for $1, plus subsidised drugs and medical procedures, including vaccinations against typhoid, malaria and diphtheria. Sierra Leone has the third highest maternal mortality rate in the world. One in every 21 women is at high risk of death during child birth. WHE helped 45 mothers keep healthy and safe throughout their pregnancy and childbirth. They were all offered approximately $666 worth of medical care. 

During the Ebola outbreak WHE health clinics helped ensure all preventative measures were being taken and provided protective clothing to 100 clinics involved in its maternal health programme, to reduce the risk of infection.

During 2015 a pilot project was implemented in Massachusetts, to resolve the high infant mortality rates in the USA. In partnership with the NGO Project Hope Baby Boxes of essentials items for the care of new born babies are distributed to expectant mothers.