Cecilia Oluwafisayo Aransiola , Nigeria

Cecilia was the T.V. Presenter of YourChoice, a live weekly HIV/AIDS Youth Sensitisation Programme, through which she educated millions of young viewers on sexual and reproductive health rights in Nigeria. Supported by the NGO, Steps to Life Nigeria, YourChoice taught viewers about sexual and reproductive health rights, comprehensive sexuality education, HIV/AIDS prevention and care, stigma prevention, gender equality, life building skills, treatment and care for STIs, and how young people can access sexual and reproductive health services. The show format started off with key discussion points before moving on to an open audience discussion segment, including taking calls and texts from viewers. There was also an off-air counselling proponent to the programme, where the show organisers would provide aftercare services to participants who asked questions during the programme. The show ran on the Nigerian Television Authority for five months reaching a total viewership of 12 million and directly impacting over 1 million young people across six states in Nigeria.

Cecilia has also worked on other projects with Steps to Life Nigeria including peacebuilding projects, women's rights initiatives and working to rehabilitate prisoners. Cecilia was also one of the key drivers behind the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, she founded the Stop Dating Violence campaign and she works on a peacebuilding project called Violence Is Not The Answer.