Green Financing: How can we reach the most climate-vulnerable communities?

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Event timings: 30 September 2021, 3pm CEST

The majority of the most climate-vulnerable countries received less than $20 per person per year in climate change adaptation financing from 2010 – 2017. This is symptomatic of a severely inequitable distribution of green finance and past years have seen an alarming rollback in climate finance contributions. The limited available funding often is directed towards climate mitigation rather than prevention or adaptation. This disproportionately impacts the funding of grassroots and frontline communities who often pioneer nature-based solutions. Substantial efforts are also needed to ensure that climate enterprises do not unwittingly regress land rights for Indigenous communities.

This panel of One Young World Climate Ambassadors will discuss the role of young leaders in ensuring equitable financing of climate solutions, the critical importance of funding nature-based solutions, and the pressing need for a tailored approach for developing countries to ensure effective and sustainable change.

This event forms part of the official programming for All4Climate - Italy 2021.

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