Join One Young World Switzerland Conference 2023! 31 May – 1 June, Lausanne

Join One Young World Switzerland Convergence 2023! 31 May – 1 June, Lausanne



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Join the 2023 One Young World Switzerland Convergence – this year taking place from 31 May – 1 June in Lausanne! This year’s event is ‘Shaking up the Status Quo’ – empowering organizations to drive Sustainable Change. 

Bringing together passionate changemakers, with senior stakeholders and organizations, we will investigate three key themes, and work together towards a net positive future. This event, hosted by the One Young World National Board Switzerland, will be an inspiring ‘sparking point’ for young leaders passionate about all aspects of sustainability, and provide opportunities for engagement on how we in Switzerland can take action.

Based on the One Young World Summit 2023 plenary challenges, and high-priority topics for Switzerland community, this year's focus themes will be:

Focus Themes

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Karin Taheny


Karin Taheny

Chief Digital + Technology Officer at Switzerland Global Enterprise


A seasoned executive with extensive experience in developing digital strategies and leading companies through significant periods of change. As the Chief Digital and Technology Officer at Switzerland Global Enterprise in Zurich, Karin is responsible for spearheading digital transformation and growth initiatives. She has also served as a member of the executive board at Dept Agency, one of the world's fastest-growing digital-centric agency networks. Prior to this, Karin worked for Omnicom Media Group and Google, holding roles in Zurich, Dublin, and San Francisco. With a master's degree in economics from the University of Zurich, Karin is also a board member of various companies focused on growth, transformation, and digital business models and platforms. Karin is passionate about building high-performing teams and understanding what makes a company successful. Building trust is a key ingredient in her approach to leadership.

Yu Wang


Dr. Yu Wang

ETH Postdoctoral Fellow at ETH Zurich


Yu Wang is a climate scientist at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Her research develops novel methods and improves models to better understand air pollution and climate change, using a variety of tools including field measurements, lab experiments, numerical modelling, and machine learning approaches. Before joining ETH, she received her PhD degree from the University of Manchester, UK, in 2021 and her Master's degree from Peking University, China, in 2017.

Zoya El-Miari


Zoya El-Miari

Peace Ambassador OYW & Founder of “Waves to Home”


A Palestinian-Ukrainian Peace Ambassador, Zoya El-Miari is a twice-experienced refugee. Having fled the war in Ukraine and taken in by a Swiss family, she found importance in sharing her story. She is the founder of "Waves to Home", a project that provides a safe space for refugees, migrants, and displaced people to share their stories.

Katja Rieger


Katja Rieger

CEO Ripple Effect, NED SRILIM AG, Co-President Institute of Neurodiversity Switzerland


Founder of Ripple Effect, Katja Rieger has almost two decades of international experience spanning three continents. Ripple Effect specializes in training and consulting for organizations looking to align their strategy and culture. She creates credible change journeys, inspiring leadership, and work environments that are great to be a part of.

Stefan Scheiber


Stefan Scheiber

Chair of the One Young World Switzerland National Board


Stefan Scheiber, CEO of Bühler AG, is also the Chair of the One Young World Switzerland National Board. With a career that started as a management trainee at Bühler, he is passionate about empowering young leaders and leading a company with values of Trust, Ownership, and Passion.



Dyonne Niehof

Founder Bureau Elody // Public Affairs Consultant


Dyonne is a political strategist, public affairs consultant, campaigner, and corporate communications professional. She has experience working as a public affairs consultant, and as an advisor for a Member of Parliament. In 2023 she founded her own company: Bureau Elody. Her areas of expertise are stakeholder management and strategic communications, and she enjoys working in a dynamic environment. With her enthusiasm and perseverance, she knows how to motivate others and move projects forward.



Sarah Harbarth

Founder of KUORI


Sarah, the CEO and Founder, had the idea of KUORI already during her bachelor project as an industrial designer. In her 4th semester at the University of the Arts in Berlin, she developed the idea of incorporating food waste from the banana peel into a biopolymer matrix. In addition to her bachelor's degree in product design and scientific assistance in the field of plastics at the FHNW, KUORI is already her second company. With her entrepreneurial spirit and creative, fast-paced approaches, she represents the vision of a more sustainable material world with KUORI and focuses on marketing, collaboration, and fundraising.

Pascal Jenny


Pascal Jenny

Founding Member of the One Young World Switzerland National Board


Pascal Jenny is a founding member of the One Young World Switzerland National Board, with a passion for fostering young leaders in Switzerland. A former professional handball player and captain of the Swiss national handball team, he is currently the Tourism Director in Arosa and a pioneer in sustainable tourism in the Alpine region.

Killian Chiao


Killian Fjellbakk Chiao

Co-founder of Zario


Killian Fjellbakk Chiao is a Norwegian serial entrepreneur that was recently added to the Forbes 30 under 30 list for being the co-founder of Zario: An app that helps people reduce unwanted social media use through gamification and psychology. What drives him forward is his bucket list, a constantly growing list of experiences that makes life unique and memorable.

Vivienne Angeli


Vivienne Angeli



As a trainee at Bühler, Vivienne Angeli is not only focusing on strategic planning within the CEO Office but is also spearheading the internal Generation B movement and Innovation Challenge. She's intrigued by how to influence companies from the inside to shape the future of their industries.

Dimitri Zogg


Dimitri Zogg

Co-founder and CTO Cultivated Biosciences


Dimitri Zogg is the co-founder and CTO of Cultivated Biosciences. An Engineering graduate from EPFL, Dimitri gained various startup experiences in Chile, Paris, and Imperial College London. He's the ex-president of the NGO YES-Europe (Young leaders in Energy and Sustainability) and enjoys spending time in the Swiss mountains.

Luca Rosetto


Luca Rosetto

Former EVP Operations at DSM


A chemist by training, Luca Rosetto has a vast career in large multinational corporations, including Dow and DSM, where he served as EVP Operations. Attending the 2021 OYW summit in Munich deeply impacted his life. Now retiring, he aims to give back to society.

Liza Engel


Liza Engel

Chief Sustainability Officer for Deloitte Switzerland


Responsible for oversight and advancement of Deloitte’s WorldClimate strategy, Liza drives the firm's climate initiatives. Her responsibilities also include sustainable strategic direction and leading through agile transformations. Liza has a 20-year experience in transformation strategy with expertise in organisational effectiveness, digital transformation, and experience design. She's a passionate advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion

Ivo Scherrer


Ivo Scherrer

Programme Lead at Pro Futuris


Ivo Nicholas Scherrer, a social entrepreneur and analyst, focuses on comprehending complex collective challenges such as the climate crisis and societal polarisation and finding sustainable solutions. He is a co-founder of the participatory think tanks foraus and Argo, as well as the political movement Operation Libero

Beat Muttenzer


Beat Muttenzer

Managing Director Switzerland, DEPT®


Beat Muttenzer, Managing Director for DEPT® Switzerland, is an entrepreneur who has been evolving his agency for over 15 years. Now under the umbrella of international digital agency DEPT®, he is committed to transforming the workplace and work culture.

Karin Taheny


Louise le Gat

Founder of The Purpose-Led School


With 23 years of experience in Inspirational And Transformational Leadership, Louise is dedicated to activating and actualising purpose. A regular facilitator on various programmes, she works with high-potential corporate leaders, social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, with notable clients such as Nestle, Nespresso, Allen & Overy LLP, Adobe, SAP, and Wella. She's recognized for her outstanding coaching and is the creator of the Sustainable You Pillar of Accelerate 2030.

Mark Heasman


Mark Heasman

Head of Activism at Z Zurich Foundation


Head of Activism for the Z Zurich Foundation, a corporate foundation funded primarily by Zurich Insurance Group. With an eight-year tenure at the Foundation, Mark's responsibility is to increase support for the Foundation’s strategic projects. He has previously worked for Zurich’s UK business, PwC, The Automobile Association Insurance Services, and the Royal Bank of Scotland. He holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Buse Aktaş: A postdoctoral researcher from Edirne, Turkey, currently with the Multi-Scale Robotics Lab at ETH Zurich. Buse is an interdisciplinary expert in mechanical engineering, visual arts, robotics, and material science. She designs and fabricates structural components for robots that have on-the-fly tunable mechanics.

Carlo Giardinetti: Sustainability lead and Leadership Senior Advisor at Deloitte Consulting Switzerland. With over 25 years of multi-disciplinary experience, Carlo's contributions extend to global sustainability coalitions and initiatives, including Deloitte’s partnership with Circle Economy, Vatican, and United Nations.

Ale Rojas


Ale Rojas

Head of Tech4Impact at the Enterprise for Society Center of EPFL


Alessandra is the Head of Tech4Impact at the Enterprise for Society Center of EPFL, University of Lausanne and IMD, driving the development of sustainability- and innovation driven ecosystems through tech, science and business.

Her experience extends to the fields of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship, working in the development sector at the United Nations, on impact investing in the DACH region and as a consultant for different social businesses in both Europe and Latin America. In addition to her work, she runs her own civic tech organization in Peru that develops digital products to democratize access to public information.

Alessandra has a background in International Development, Management and Technology from Graduate Institute of Geneva and the Technical University of Munich

Livia Altmann


Livia Altman

Board member of One Young World and Co-founder of the Swiss Leadership Journey


At 29, Livia Altmann, an Olympic medallist and former captain of the Swiss national ice hockey team, is already a self-made woman and co-founder of the Swiss Leadership Journey. She is dedicated to optimising personal potential to achieve peak performance.

UYM Team


Corinna Rutschi

Co-Founder at Unchain Your Mind and Digital Project Manager at Bühler AG

Vanessa Warncke

Co-Founder of Unchain Your Mind and Global Campaign Manager at the Swiss Unicorn Scandit


Corinna: With a PhD in Information Systems and practical experience in IT consulting, Corinna is passionate about the potential of digital technologies and their applications. She is currently working on IT sustainability and digital transformation projects.

Vanessa's experience spans from working in marketing at technology startups to the innovation lab of a major Swiss bank. She holds a degree in psychology and business informatics.



Kate Robertson

Co-founder One Young World


Kate Robertson is co-founder of One Young World. Her work focuses on identifying and bringing together the brightest young talents in the annual One Young World Summits to create a community of young leaders. She believes that this network of professionals, young politicians and students is the way forward in tackling the global challenges such as climate change, poverty, hunger or equality. Kate Robertson was formerly the Global President and UK Group Chairman of Havas Worldwide, where she was the highest placed woman in the advertising industry worldwide.

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