Natt Kawinrachataprida


Natt Kawinrachataprida

National Board Member

Born in Hong Kong, raised in the U.S. and now living in Thailand, Natt Kawinrachataprida is a passionate entrepreneur. She has been working since her early teens, starting in the family restaurant and a number of diverse but labour-intensive jobs. “They weren’t glamorous, but you can gain a lot working from the ground up,” she says with a laugh. “There were some great experiences. I learnt about the importance of failing and keeping oneself motivated.”


Eager to try her own ideas, in 2013 she founded YSIS ASIA GROUP, which has grown into a fully integrated group of marketing agencies doing PR, entertainment brokerage, and marketing of investment products. Over time, she has become particularly well known for helping international companies successfully enter the Thai market, reflecting her own multicultural perspective and innovative spirit.


Natt is also involved with a host of charitable works, supporting everything from stray animals to care for the elderly.  Recognizing the power of collaboration with like-minded leaders, she's excited to become a Thailand National Board Member of One Young World to focus attention and create impact on critical issues in Thailand and worldwide.