Special Sessions 2014

In response to 2013 Summit feedback, many Special Sessions feature interaction between delegates and Counsellors. Special Sessions are created on the basis of delegate and Counsellor interest as well as themes specific to the host city.

With leading experts in the delegation, a number of Special Sessions have been developed to ensure these pioneers join Counsellors and contribute on stage for Q&A segments and panels. Additionally, One Young World sessions offering step-by-step guidance on a range of topics, have been popular at previous Summits. On this basis, various 2014 Special Sessions will convey practical advice. Other sessions will include opportunities for delegates to showcase their ideas and initiatives, as part of a competition to win financial support.

Circular Economy

From her childhood ambition to sail solo around the world, to a record-breaking career in sailing, Ellen MacArthur is now focusing on her most challenging project yet. Ellen has launched the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to accelerate the transition to a regenerative circular economy. The circular economy aims to eliminate the concept of waste by changing design choices and creating new, innovative business models.

Circular Economy on ending food waste

Igloo CEO Elio Leoni Sceti will explore the principle of a circular economy to redefine efforts to end food waste. Consumers need top quality, great tasting, nutritious food that is responsibly sourced and avoids waste. By developing and monitoring supply chains to drive both quality and sustainability, Elio aims to redefine capacity for growth and end food waste.

Climate Justice

Mary Robinson will explore the principles of Climate Justice and how a global climate agreement that embeds equity can better respect people and planet, assuring a safer, brighter future. Mary will also launch The One Young World Mary Robinson Prize for Climate Justice. A prize of €10,000 will be awarded to an Ambassador for achieving a Climate Justice project in their country. The winner will be announced at the 2015 Summit in Bangkok, Thailand.

Redefining Space

Founding partner and CEO of XCOR Space Expeditions, Michiel Mol is creating history as space travel becomes a commercial reality. Using pioneering scientific research, XCOR’s engines burn a variety of non-toxic fuels and are developed through technologies that further the goal of operationally effective, reliable, low maintenance rocket propulsion systems. Such systems are designed to maximize safety, minimize cost and form the future of air travel. Are you ready for space?

The most successful young entrepreneurs

Chaired by Barclay’s CEO, Antony Jenkins, a panel of some of the most successful young entrepreneurs will be introduced to the stage. Antony will lead a Q&A focusing on the role entrepreneurs can play to drive economic growth, tackle youth unemployment and the financial sectors responsibility to support entrepreneurs.

The Interactive Generation: LatAm Millenial Survey Findings

12,171 young people. 27 countries. 6 regions. 4 former Latin American Presidents. Telefonica’s CEO Ronan Dunne highlights key Latin American millennial survey findings. No longer just an importer, Latin America is the world’s fastest growing creator of technology. Understanding how young people use technology as a solution to issues such as youth unemployment will help leaders enable dreams, lives and cultural change. Findings will provide a foundation for a Q & A between five former Latin American Presidents and the delegation.

Q & A with panel of Latin American Presidents

A unique opportunity for our Latin American delegates to pose direct questions to five former Latin Presidents. Featuring Alejandro Toledo of Peru, Vicente Fox of Mexicos, Andrés Pastrana of Colombia and Nicolás Ardito-Barletta of Panama. Telefonica’s CEO, Ronan Dunne, will chair this session addressing democracy, development and regional cooperation in Latin America.

Now not tomorrow - The Elders

Climate change unites us all. Leveraging the leadership of two of our most iconic world leaders, Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson come together to inspire ambitious action on climate change. From the role of government leadership to climate justice and intergenerational responsibility, the Elders encourage ethical leadership where younger generations take ownership, hold leaders accountable and encourage the private sector to catalyse action on climate change. Chaired by One Young World Ambassador Parker Liautaud, questions will be welcomed from the floor.

The Phan Club

YouTube sensation Michelle Phan will discuss the role of music within her work with Philip Moross, CEO of entertainment marketing company Cutting Edge. She has become a Taste Maker, enabling artists to get their music heard on a global scale. With modern society’s easy access to new music via social media, this discussion will explore how an influential online figure such as Michelle can be a part of the ever-changing music industry as it continues to evolve into a consumer, artist friendly environment.

Branson breaking bad

2.5 trillion dollars has been spent on the war on drugs globally. In a provocative documentary Sam Branson tackles issues at the heart of drug production and policy. Sam will lead a Q&A following a screening of Breaking the Taboo.

Ensuring Employability

40 years from now many of us will still be working. Janina Kugel, Corporate Vice President of HR and Chief Diversity Officer at Siemens, reflects on how young people can ensure employability today and into the future. Stressing the importance of understanding who you are and what you want to achieve, Janina will engage three delegates - a student, someone who has just entered the workplace and an established professional - exploring the challenges to navigate professional careers, avoid skill fade and remain technically competent in an ever evolving world.

Can the UN rise to the challenges of today?

Only 22% of the 2013 Summit delegation thought the UN is effective. Are member states to blame or is the UN itself not fit for purpose? Acting Head of the UN Office in Geneva, Michael Møller, will offer robust responses to questions posed by the One Young World 2014 delegation.

Sheryl Sandberg leans in

Why do we continue to expect men to be leaders and women to be nurturers? Via video, Sheryl will fundamentally question what prevents real gender equality, suggesting ways the next generation can bridge the gender leadership gap.

Bridging the gender gap

From basic survival to economic opportunity, education, health and political empowerment: half our talent base is faced by the magnitude of global gender-based disparities. Advocating for greater awareness in the presence of a global audience, in a high-octane discussion One Young World Counsellors and delegates will share their perspectives, exploring the role and power of the media to enhance and/or reduce the gender gap.

Sustainable Living

Ensuring that the progress of today does not compromise the development of tomorrow is a great responsibility facing the One Young World delegation. Unilever CEO, Paul Polman will address the need to make sustainable living commonplace and how young people are critical to driving change.

Sport and Society

One billion people tuned in across the globe to watch the 2014 Brazil World Cup Final. In a world with many differences we are bound by a love of sport. Sport unites communities, heals divisions, builds confidence and strengthens society. Chaired by Boris Becker, Adam Walker, Sol Campbell and delegate Kirani James will talk about the power of sport to create positive change.

Kofi Annan

During his time as Secretary-General of the UN, Kofi Annan played a decisive role in the launch of the MDGs and the establishment of the International Criminal Court. As joint recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Annan will join One Young World impressing the need to work towards a fairer more secure world.

OYW Peace and Conflict Resolution Project: The Irish context

Exploring the Northern Ireland experience to initiate the three-part-process of the One Young World Peace and Conflict Resolution Project, Dr Martin McAleese will begin by setting the context before two historians follow with their differing perspectives on what resulted in the Northern Ireland conflict.

The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur

The business landscape is changing. Against a backdrop of global recession, social enterprises are thriving. In the UK alone, this ‘third sector’ employs over 1 million people, contributing an estimated £20 billion to the economy. Globally, the figure is closer to 40 million employees and is growing year on year. Doug Richard explains what is fuelling this growth and young, social entrepreneurs will show how running successful businesses can contribute to addressing the world’s most pressing issues. Do you have an idea that could solve a social problem in your community? Find out how to turn your idea into a successful enterprise.

OYW Peace and Conflict Resolution Project: International Insights

Professor Meghan O’Sullivan will provide the delegates who participated in the External Breakout Session at Croke Park with an opportunity to share their perspectives on what they have learned, outlining how the Northern Ireland experience might apply to their situations at home.

Mandela's legacy

Documentary photographer, Matthew Willman, has highlighted some of the most pressing challenges within South Africa’s most troubled communities. His experiences with people and places are out of the ordinary. Responsible for some of the most iconic photos of Nelson Mandela, Willman has photographed the man who embodied the spirit of reconciliation. Willman now reflects on working with Madiba.

21st Century Education: International Perspectives

Exploring the 21st century education-reform agenda, panellists will provide perspectives from China, Africa, Latin America, Europe and the US. From the role of companies in making curricula more suited to teaching entrepreneurism in schools, apprenticeship and skills based learning, panellists will advocate for different systems in the context of different cultures and tradition.

Disability: Move to include

Our society has a deeply engrained habit of exclusion. 1 billion people globally have a disability, the biggest marginalised group in the world. The session will focus on the role that delegates, as a unique pool of exceptionally talented young leaders, can play in leading a global movement for inclusion. Panellists will share their perspectives on why our differences make us great and what is needed to lead this change for an inclusive world.

Rwanga social start up competition

One Young World has $60,000 to be split between three initiatives. Delegates will showcase why their idea or social start-up deserves to win, in an elevator pitch live on stage to the entire delegation. Sponsored by the Rwanga Foundation, with judges including Doug Richard from the School For Startups, this is a unique opportunity to accelerate a business or initiative. One Young World is looking for disruptive, innovative start-ups that make a meaningful social impact.

Professor Muhammad Yunus – Social Business

Economist, civil society leader and the father of social business, Professor Muhammad Yunus won a Nobel Peace Prize for founding the Grameen Bank. Pioneering the concepts of microcredit and microfinance - where loans are given to entrepreneurs too poor to apply for traditional bank loans - he strives to eradicate poverty worldwide. Professor Yunus will discuss the global role and development of social business and respond to questions from the delegation.

MDGs – what next?

The Millennium Development Goals expire in 2015. The Sustainable Development Goals are their named successor. While the world is deciding how they should be developed, Kate Garvey, former aide to Prime Minister Tony Blair, will explore what happens next.

Q & A with Wikipedia Founder

Wikipedia has revolutionised the way the world accesses and shares information. Knowledge is no longer imparted top-down from a scholarly elite but is growing from the grass-roots up. The democratisation of knowledge has seen the masses in control, with millions creating their own shared knowledge base. In a Q & A with the man responsible for this revolution, One Young World has the opportunity to interact with Wikipedia’s Founder, Jimmy Wales.

Ron Garan - The Orbital Perspective

13 days in space. 27 hours of spacewalking. Can we make earth as beautiful as it looks from space? The NASA astronaut will present footage from his posting on the International Space Station. With a unique orbital perspective, Ron will speak about how people and organisations can collaborate to overcome challenges facing humanity. Questions will be welcome.

Ambassadors in Action

One Young World is more than a Summit, it is a global network of young people effecting positive change. Every delegate joins this network and gains the title One Young World Ambassador. In the last year Ambassador led initiatives have impacted 1.56 million people. Sir Bob Geldof now hosts a session showcasing examples of their work and impact.

Career Hacking

Today’s young generation are faced with no reliable ‘career path’. Martin Edlund will offer examples from his own career as well as some of the best examples of ‘career hackers’ he has comes across. Prepare yourself for jobs that may not even exist.