1001 Ideas For My Country

Ambassador: Carlos Vargas , Venezuela

1001 Ideas For My Country is an organization that encourages youth participation in social development and citizenship and educates them about the UN Sustainability Goals through a variety of social and educational activities; Arts, Sports, Technology, entertainment. These events are run twice a month over the course of four hours and have reached over 3,000 people and indirectly 10,000 family and community members.

1001 Ideas also trains young people using non-traditional methods e.g. competitions gamification, experiential learning through open learning sessions lasting six hours each. To date 450 young people have taken part. Lastly the organization helps incubate and accelerate social ventures which aim to contribute to societal development, citizenship, whilst contributing to the global sustainability goals. 150 young people have received an average of 60 hours training each, 25 social ventures developed and six are currently being supported or incubated. The ventures range from sustainable tourism, purification of water, strengthening of institutions, among others. The aim is to roll this out to three more cities this year.